A Stimulating Fitness Craze

A Stimulating Fitness Craze

Have you heard about the latest trend in fitness? Apparently, you can get washboard abs and rock hard pecks with only twenty minutes of exercise a day! Sounds too good to be true, right?

But the fact is, this is not just some internet myth. With Electric Muscle Stimulation bodysuits or EMS for short, it is completely possible to save time in your schedule, cut gym visits in half and still come out of it looking and feeling great.

Using a system involving a full body suite wired up to all relevant muscles, EMS uses electric shocks to stimulate the muscles in an amplified way, as if they were moving. This is done in a similar way to the electronic signals issued by the brain, but on an intensified basis. The stimulation in no way hurts, though some users have experienced a slight tingling on first use of the equipment, and when coupled with basic exercise and a healthy diet, can have dramatic results on body tone.

A tradition gym visit would usually last anything from an hour to ninety minutes and would focus on different body parts or types of exercise. For instance core, weights and cardio may play a large part in a regular gym routine, but with the assistance of EMS, no other equipment is required, and all exercise can be done through movement alone. By incorporating squats and crunches into the EMS workout, not only do you have your daily exercise but the EMS works all muscles at once, so you can see the effects much more quickly.

But its not just about looking good. Whilst EMS will help you to sculpt your body unlike former stimulation belts, EMS works with physical activity to promote health and virility as well as a buff bod. EMS has also been proven to help strengthen muscles, with physiotherapists using EMS for patients with muscle weakness.

However, though EMS training can be the perfect kick start for those wanting to get into shape quickly, it also has its drawbacks. Whilst studios and gyms using EMS are cropping up in all the major cities, the cost of visiting is a lot steeper than a regular gym, and may prove too much for some people to accommodate. Having said that, EMS is a sure fire way of starting your fitness goals, and as such, it may be worth the investment for the first six months or so.

The other option, of course, is to purchase your own body suite and work out in the comfort of your own home. However, caution is required when making this decision as not only will you not benefit from the aid of a professional knowledgeable trainer and gym facility, but not all EMS machines are created equal. Reports from doctors have claimed overuse or misuse of cheaper suites have cause burns, so please do your research before purchasing. Remember cheap is not always cheerful.


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