What are the health risks involved in cosmetics and petroleum products?

What are the health risks involved in cosmetics and petroleum products?

About petroleum

Often crude oil is termed s petroleum, a fossil fuel, produced deep inside the earth in millions of years. Fractional distillation, a process is what makes people in contact with a petroleum derivative. There is numerous product derived from petroleum like sytrofoam, gasoline, lubricating oils, etc. But the question is how cosmetics and petroleum are related?

Cosmetics and petroleum

Many cosmetic products these days have petroleum and mining oil as its ingredients. Cosmetics like cleansers, foundations, and moisturizers contain mineral oil. Mineral salts on locking moisture against the skin sits on the surface of the skin and block pores. It will cause pimples to appear as the skin does not get to breathe properly. The best cosmetic manufacturer in delhi ncr is sure to offer organic based ingredients that are completely safe for the skin and health.

Fragrances in shampoos, lotions and various cosmetic products comprise of aromatic hydrocarbons, which is again derived from petroleum. Propylene glycol, a popular chemical additive carries moisture within cosmetics and again is a petroleum derivative. Few products having propylene glycol in the form of ingredients are:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Anti-freeze
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Paint

However, propylene glycol according to studies is said to cause, kidney and liver damage on prolonged exposure including nausea and respiratory irritation if swallowed.

Isopropyl alcohol acts as an antiseptic and destroys bacteria present on the skin. this ingredient can be found used in various cosmetic products including toners and cleansers. But this petroleum derivative causes dryness and miniature cracks to emerge in the skin, thereby allowing harmful bacteria entry as well as pimples and irritations.

Is health affected by such petroleum-derived products?

The skin covers the entire body and is considered to be a physical barrier to several pollutants that is prevalent in the atmosphere. Using shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics having such ingredients, the skin comes in direct contact with them. According to medical and skin experts, over 60% of chemicals used in the products are absorbed by the skin and comes in direct contact with the human body and bloodstream! These days, smoking cessation medications and hormone therapy treatments are suggested as patches to be applied directly on the skin. This medication passes through the skin to enter directly the bloodstream.

What are the possible alternatives to synthetic based cosmetics?

There have fortunately emerged numerous organic cosmetic products manufacturers Delhi who have been assuring beauty conscious men and women with organic and safe products to be used. They have managed to replace successfully the harmful synthetic products with organic ones. be it grooming or beauty supplies, they do offer a variety of items that can be used without any worry or hassle. These products do allow the person to decrease or completely eliminate the use of those products that have chemical additives and preservatives in them as ingredients. The organic ones contain essential oils to offer rich and safe fragrances. They are rather pure oils which are extracted from plants and flowers found in nature.


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