Plan Your Funeral So That You Can Protect Your Family Even From the Grave

Plan Your Funeral So That You Can Protect Your Family Even From the Grave

Thinking about the fact that you are planning your own funeral can be funny and miserable at the same time. Death is not something that we can plan but you can definitely plan the funeral so that your family members don’t end up spending a fortune. There are numerous families who struggle to make ends meet and spending a lot of money for a funeral can turn out to be catastrophic. Here are some of the ways you can cut down the costs and plan a pocket-friendly funeral:

1. Monthly installment packages

Just like you save money to buy a car or a house, you can save money for your funeral too. The monthly installments will start once the funeral is done with. You can leave enough money for your family so that they can pay the funeral company back in monthly installments or arrange for an annual payment. It takes away the burden of having to pay the full amount in one shot. You can also opt for a prepaid funeral plan where you can pay before your death in monthly installments. Suppose you pick a funeral package and take a 30-year plan. You will be able to pay the full amount in small installments over a span of 30 years. However, it is important that you plan early if you opt for this package.

2. Funeral packages

There are numerous funeral companies that have budget funeral packages for families. This allows the family to have a good funeral without having to spend a fortune. One of the reasons why this plan is so popular is that even if the funeral prices rise after 10 or 15 years, the package that you have chosen will remain fixed at that price. This is a very good package that the funeral companies have come up with but it is important that you take a quick decision.

3. Unattended cremation or burial service

It is very sad to see your loved one is buried. The fact that you will be able to see that person again can bring a lot of depression into the lives of the people who are attending the funeral, especially the family members. So, as a cheaper and better alternative, it will be better to opt for an unattended cremation or burial service. No one will have to attend the funeral but everything that you want will be taken care of by the funeral company. The cost of the funeral will come down to half for these packages. Starting from mortuary care to arranging for a coffin to completing the funeral peacefully, everything will be done by the funeral company.

You may be laughing at the thought of planning your own funeral, but these are tried and tested ways to get a good funeral at a pocket-friendly price.


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