5 Ways To Personalize Your Kids’ Dorm Room

5 Ways To Personalize Your Kids’ Dorm Room

Every walk into a dorm room?  The room is tiny with institutional, often outdated furniture, including a bed, desk, and dresser, cold and “unfeeling.”  You’ll most likely have a roommate so the room will have a second bed, desk, and dresser.

BUT it’s going to be home to someone for a while, so make the best of it.  Think about it as a blank canvas and ramp up those design abilities! You won’t have much space with which to work–but with a little planning and a LOT of creativity, you’ll come up with a room that will be pleasing to any college student.

Cash & Carry Furniture says you can warm it up with a few simple accessories of light furnishings, such as this area rug which can add a little texture and color to the room and brighten that bland light tan furniture. It has an earthy pattern, contemporary wavy pattern and olefin fiber; olefin is known for exceptional strength and stain-resistance.

There’s no private bath; it’s usually a communal one down the hall so be sure there’s a colorful bucket to transport soaps, shampoos and other toiletries.  Sometimes there’s even a kitchen.

  • Night Stand

Even though the dorm room will also come with a dresser, you might want to add a small nightstand with a drawer and storage space. Not only will it store whatever your college kid wants to store–you’ll probably need more space anyway–but you can use it to stand your lamp on. Shown here: two drawer nightstand Lulu.

  • 5 Shelf Bookcase

This can be a little trickier, as the rooms are small–but you might be surprised that you can find some space against an empty wall–or you might even be able to use it as a room divider so each person has some privacy.

This can be used as more than just an ordinary bookcase. Cash and Carry Furniture knows that dorm rooms can be used in different ways to decorate however they like. Trophies, action figures, pictures, and video games are among some of the best ways to decorate their rooms.

  • Computer Desk

Every dorm room does come with a desk, so with technology being so prominent, place the computer or laptop on top, so your college-age kid can work with homework or general online activities. It’s also a great placer a small TV.

  • Accessories, such as pillows, wall hangings, art or mirrors can really brighten a room and add a comfortable touch. Shown here:  wooden star wall art Odiane natural.

Cash & Carry Furniture was founded in 1947.  The company carries a large inventory of furniture and accessories by many well-known brands such as Ashley, Coaster, Crown Mark, and A-America.


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