4 ways to make an impression

4 ways to make an impression

Impressions are a huge part of becoming successful in any endeavor. That’s because, as superficial as it may sound, people will judge you based on your appearance.  People in expensive tailored-suits draw more attention than those not dressed as well. In most cases, your capabilities come later, unless you are an authority in your industry. For instance, Zuckerberg can show up in any forum in a T-Shirt, but for most people, this would backfire. No one would take them seriously.   To have an edge in whatever you do, here are 4 ways to make an impression.

  1.    Dress well

Dressing well is part of what gives people the right impression about you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a job interview, or trying to sell a product, your dress code matters a lot. It can make all the difference between success and failure. If you have the budget, go for designer clothes and show up looking like a million dollars. Otherwise, a nicely designed budget suit that fit well would do the job. The key thing is that your dress code should stand out, and you should come across as someone who can be taken seriously in whatever they do. This respect can open lots of doors for you.

  1.   Keep time

Your ability to keep time speaks volumes about you. It may not be your norm to arrive late, but if you arrive late in the first meeting, people could have the wrong impression of you, and it might hurt your chances. To send the right impression about yourself on a first meeting, try your best and show up on time. To avoid any issues that may hinder you from arriving early, make sure to be around the meeting location at least an hour early. That’s because showing up early can make all the difference between success and failure in meetings that can change your life.

  1.    Put off your phone

In this age of smartphones, most people are constantly checking on their phones for one of thing or the other. However, using your smartphone when meeting people for the first time may give them the wrong impression of you. To avoid this, switch off your phone or put it on silent mode until the meeting is over. This allows you to fully concentrate on the discussion at hand, and be the best you can be. This simple act can make all the difference between success and failure.

  1.   Be confident

Of all the things that can send the right or wrong impression about you, confidence is the most important. When you show confidence and communicate clearly, people get the impression that you know what you are talking about, and they respect you for it. However, if you lack confidence in your communication, it can send the wrong message about you. You may be great at whatever you do, but if people get the impression that you are not confident, they will dismiss you. In fact, you may end up losing opportunities to people who are less competent than you are, based on low confidence levels alone.


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