Fire Detection System Maintenance Tips

Fire Detection System Maintenance Tips

The first smoke detector was patented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton. Four decades later, Walter Jaeger accidentally developed an electrical smoke detector, the predecessor to what the smoke alarms that are now found in commercial and residential buildings throughout the developed world. By the mid-1970s, electric smoke alarms began to be mass-produced by the Statitrol Corporation, a company founded by the co-creator of an affordable version of Jaeger’s electrical smoke alarm, Duane Persall.

Although they’re relatively simple, fire detection systems need to be regularly serviced in order to maintain their reliable function. Here are a few tips for fire detection system maintenance.

What Is A Fire Detection System?

Fire detection systems are more than just smoke detectors. They contain alarms that go off automatically, smoke detectors that cause alarms to go off, sprinklers to extinguish flames or help control their spread, and connections to computers that perform countless important functions.

Daily Alarm Control Panel Lookovers

Every fire detection system contains a control panel that serves as the brains behind such systems. Every day, a business owner or employee should look over them. Such lookovers consist of making sure that no parts need to be replaced and addressing any warnings that computer systems recorded in the previous day of operation.

Quarterly Smoke Alarm Tests

Every three months or so, every building’s fire detection system should be tested. Employees, administrators, students, and everybody else who works inside such buildings should be informed of such drills at least an hour before they take place. If any alarms don’t function properly, such problems should be recorded in detail and promptly dealt with.

Every Ten Years, Smoke Detectors Need To Be Replaced

All modern smoke detectors have dates of manufacture printed inside of them. Every ten years, smoke detectors need to be replaced. Although smoke detectors may be able to function without issue for longer than a decade, it’s never worth taking such a risk.

Rather than maintaining their own fire detection systems, businesses often outsource such tasks to professionals like us. Whether you need a simple alarm replacement or a 5 year fire sprinkler certification california, our team at Davis Fire Protection will help address your fire detection system’s needs the right way.


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