Ready to Order Stylish Granite Countertops? 6 Critical Features to Look For

Ready to Order Stylish Granite Countertops? 6 Critical Features to Look For

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or choosing the designs for the kitchen for the first time, picking out the right granite countertops can be a critical decision. Many architects prefer to allow you to indicate your preference for the tones of the countertops before creating the color scheme for the rest of the room. And, this fact holds true for bathrooms also. Your interior decorator may ask you to look at some samples before you receive tentative blueprints of what the rooms will look like once they are completed.

When scouting around for the right company to deliver the perfect stonework and colors you absolutely adore, you may want to get a quick lowdown on granite fabrication and the finer nuances that goes into preparing the stone. Attention to these small details can make a world of difference in the finished product and the aesthetic allure of your kitchen or bathroom. Read ahead for an overview of the features to keep in mind when selecting the granite.

1 – Select the Colors You Love

Given that granite is a natural material, the stone may talk to you a little about its history by displaying colored spots, dry seams, feldspar, veins in the natural direction, and knots or mica conglomerates. These marks may seem to mar the flawless perfection of the stone, but they also lend unique character to each piece. Your architect will assist you by giving you an overview of the possible tones of the cabinets, flooring, and other aspects of the kitchen that will match the granite you’re choosing. Like this feature in The Spruce magazine explains, you can use the versatility of the stone as a starting point for the ultimate decor of the kitchen.

For instance, choose black granite countertops and match them with white cabinets and a white floor. Alternatively, go for an all-white kitchen. Should you choose granite with green undertones and lines, you can combine it with rosewood for the cabinets. Once you have chosen the colors you like, the granite fabrication company will allow you to eliminate the sections of the stone that have too many marks and flaws that take away from its allure. In the end, you will be left with a beautiful piece of stone that will grace your kitchen for years to come.

2 – Make Sure the Veins and Colors Align Well

You may have an L-shaped kitchen or parallel counters on opposite ends combined with a kitchen island. Whatever may be the layout, you’ll need a stone that aligns perfectly to give you a seamless appearance. Further, even if the granite countertops grace two sections of the room, you’ll want them to match perfectly. At the time of taking your order, the granite fabrication company will check with you for the kitchen design and make sure to provide you with a stone that flows naturally. And, if you need to be sure that the stone you’re choosing is natural and not faux granite, this article on SFGate will tell you what to look for.

Ready to Order Stylish Granite Countertops? 6 Critical Features to Look For pendent 3 – Look for Precision in the Cutting

Most granite countertops come from giant blocks of stone that have to be cut according to the dimensions of your kitchen. Modern-day companies use extreme precision to ensure that when the stone is delivered, it is near-perfect to the size and measurements of your kitchen counters. Using highly innovative instruments like the bridge saw or water jet, or perhaps, a combination of the two, the company cuts and then prepares the stone to your specifications. At the time of placing your order, you could check with the salesperson about how they’ll ensure precision in the finished product that arrives at your home.

4 – Inquire About the Fabricating Processes

Simply cutting the stone for your granite countertops is not the end of the process. You need to make sure that the stone has the necessary cutouts for the other installations on the counter. These can include the cooktops, faucets, and sinks mounted under the counter. You’ll also need to choose the edge profile for the stone. Not exactly sure what that is? Check out this article on the Medium that describes the different types of edge profiles available. For instance, choose from the all-time ogee to the basic bullnose or Dupont bullnose. Each of these adds beautiful silhouettes to the natural stone and shows off its veins.

All of these fabricating procedures are typically done with the help of CNC machining (Computer Numerically Controlled). The operator programs the specifications of your kitchen into the computer that guides the device so it creates the cutouts with accuracy without the possibility of errors.

Ready to Order Stylish Granite Countertops? 6 Critical Features to Look For kitchen

5 – Check if the Stone is Strong Enough

This factor may seem somewhat surprising because natural stone and granite is the strongest and most durable material out there. Isn’t that why you’re choosing it for your countertops in the first place? For the purpose of installation, some sections of the granite countertops may be thinner than the rest of the slab. For instance, the section at the back of the cooktop or the edge profile. Your granite fabrication company may ensure the flexibility of these sections with added treatment to ensure that the stone maintains its tensile strength even under extreme pressure. Although natural granite is five times stronger than concrete, these add-ons raise its strength by an awesome 400%.

6 – Is the Polishing Done Properly?

Once the granite countertop is ready for installation, you may want to check for the final and most important part of the process – the polishing. In addition to getting it to gleam like a mirror and adding to its appeal, polishing the stone ensures that it becomes resistant to staining. Given that the kitchen is prone to spills from foods of all hues, textures, acidic levels, and consistencies, you’ll need a countertop that is easy to clean. The right polishing will make sure that all you need is warm, soapy water and just a few minutes of your time to have it sparkling clean again. For more information about how to maintain your granite countertops, read this article on DoItYourself.

Investing in the time to search for the right granite fabrication company is well worth it so you can get the critical elements sorted. Natural stone and granite are preferred by most decorators for their beauty, strength, durability, and ability to take a lot of wear and tear. Choose the right stone and you can show off a beautiful kitchen for many years down the line.


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