Planning a First Class Weekend in the Beautiful City of Vienna

Planning a First Class Weekend in the Beautiful City of Vienna

Vienna is a wonderful destination for the luxury traveler. It is a lovely combination of old-fashioned charm and modern glitz. I was lucky enough to stay in the city for the re-opening of the Le Meridian Vienna Grand. The hotel was stunning, but it was Vienna itself that captured my heart. As you will see, there is plenty for you to enjoy in this compact yet sophisticated city.

Treat yourself to an opera performance

Vienna is home to seven opera companies, all of which perform regularly. Every year, they perform hundreds of shows. But, the Viennese people adore opera, which means many of these sell out fast. So, if you want to attend a performance while you staying in Vienna it is best to buy your tickets in advance, which you can do by clicking here.

Officially, for most performances, the dress code is smart casual. But, you will definitely not look out of place if you do choose to dress up a bit. Most regular opera-goers in Vienna dress semi-formally in stylish, elegant, good-quality clothes. For special occasions, like premier or Christmas performances, a significant percentage of the patrons wear full evening dress.

Fine dining in Vienna

Vienna has a long and rich food tradition. The city is home to several Michelin star restaurants, with more making the list every year. In 2018, four more restaurants gained a Michelin star and the sophisticated Konstantin Filippou gained the 2nd star.

So, if you like fine-dining there are plenty of options and most tastes are catered for. For example, Restaurant Steirereck serves classic Viennese dishes as well as contemporary international dishes. While Shiki serves Japanese cuisine.

A modern take on the Viennese coffeehouse

The coffeehouses of Vienna are legendary. This city has some beautifully appointed places to enjoy a cup of coffee with a slice of cake or something similar. Many of the best coffeehouses also serve decadent breakfasts.

If you want the perfect start to your day, head towards the Café Ansari. It is a little more modern than most of the others you will find in Vienna. But, the owners have got the balance between modern chic and old-school charm just right. They have created a café that has a rich and warm ambiance that is also stylish.

You will also find the food interesting. The café serves all of the Viennese favorites and does so to the same standard as the best traditional coffeehouses. But, they also offer a selection of Georgian inspired dishes. They also serve Arabian coffee and offer a full Russian samovar tea experience.

Shopping in Vienna

All of the luxury brands are available in Vienna, which makes this the perfect place to shop. To find them, you just need to head to the Goldenes Quartier (in particular Tuchlauben) and Kohlmarkt.

You will also find quite a few artisans selling their clothes, accessories and other wares, in the city. If you need a hat, the Traditional hat maker Mühlbauer is the place to go. For shoes, head to one of Ludwig Reiter’s two shops.

The above is just a tiny taste of what this marvelous city has to offer travelers who enjoy the finer things in life. If you would like to know more you can easily do so by reading the blogs on the websites of a few luxury travel agencies.


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