5 Ways an African Safari Changes you Forever

5 Ways an African Safari Changes you Forever elephant

As humans, we have this need, this feeling that draws us toward nature. Being out in the wild, experiencing beauty and nature in its natural state, can leave us feeling excited – and vulnerable, too as we don’t know what to expect. We are entering the domain where the wild is in charge and demands for us to be alert and in the moment, but also grateful for the unexpected experiences we get to encounter. An African safari can leave you with so many feel-good emotions that it can become addictive! You soon begin to miss the peace, space, the fresh air, and the way that time stands still. It embeds itself deep within as once you spend a few days in the great African wilderness you have no reason or excuse to miss a sunrise, sunset, the wild waking up or going to sleep. You have it all right in front of you – the greatest show on earth.

  1. You’ll feel closer to nature than ever before

A South African safaris is unlike any other nature experience on earth. It’s raw and real, and the only way to truly experience the natural movements and instinctual abilities of the greatest wildlife species on the planet. Safari’s take you into the heart of the great African wilderness, where everything you see and everything you experience is exactly how it is in the wild. The accommodation, service, and food on safari are also known to be some of the most luxurious stays in the world, offering you a luxury big 5 game reserve experience.

Yes, you may get the chance to see the same species in other parts of the world, but it’s highly likely they’re not going to be living in their natural habitat and are likely not going to be practicing their instinctual movements – such as hunting for food or preying on their prey.

  1. You’ll learn how to be one with the moment

When out in nature, it’s difficult not to feel fully present and ‘in the moment’. Body,

soul and nature intertwine together within you, and it’s almost impossible to corrupt your thoughts with work or worldly distractions. You will also feel inner peace and contentment even if you have not taken much with you. You will begin to learn that in nature (and in life in general), we don’t need as much ‘stuff’ as we think we do – and it’s the ‘stuff’ that brings anxiety and unhappiness.  Without even being aware of it, your soul will reconnect with nature as it once was: it’s that same feeling you have when you have been away from home and you return. You will feel at peace like you are back where you belong. Feel and live every moment, allow the beauty to amaze you, forget all your troubles, take in the aromas of the air and the fascinating colors of the grasslands. Let it embrace you and become one with your surroundings so that you can appreciate all that nature is gifting you with.

  1. You’ll learn invaluable lessons about the wildlife

5 Ways an African Safari Changes you Forever lions

The wildlife has so much to teach us – just when we think we know the wildlife, they will do something so out of the ordinary to us, and again we are left in awe. For example, we believe lions are the beasts of the wild. They’re strong and mighty and we often believe them to be too powerful to be soft and gentle. But if you see them taking care of their young, you will be amazed. They are loving, gentle, playful and care deeply for their young – traits we forget they are capable of. Or, you may learn new things about species you didn’t know much about before. Look at the ground, you may see a dung beetle with his hind legs pressed against a ball of dung as he struggles to get it to the female he wishes to impress. You will be amazed that no matter what difficulties he faces along the way, his determination to get this ball to his chosen partner is worth every obstacle. Don’t miss the little things that make nature and the bush so unique, and which teach us fascinating lessons along the way.

  1. Nature teaches you so much about yourself

Being away from the chaos of day to day life and retreating to a place where peace and tranquility blooms, gives you the opportunity to reflect on yourself, your mind and your life. Nature gives us the break we need to make positive changes in our life, while also reminding us of what is really important. What’s important is taking care of one another, taking care of oneself, and living in the moment. It’s important to know who you are and what you stand for, instead of letting society dictate. Being in nature is truly a natural remedy. It gets you thinking, it gets you acknowledging what’s important and it strips you from all the ‘noise’ so that you are able to get closer once again to your true self.

  1. You’ll meet amazing people from all around the world

5 Ways an African Safari Changes you Forever

Most times on a safari tour, you’ll be coupled up with other people. This is definitely half the fun, as you will strike up the most amazing new friendships with people from all over the world who are there with the same goal in mind – to experience the raw beauty of the wild. Safari tours can sometimes be hours long, giving you time to really connect with the people you are traveling with. Back at the camp, it’s likely you will all have dinners together, and once again share stories and experiences with one another.


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