8 Kayaking Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

8 Kayaking Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Nature is a beautiful thing and exploring it is definitely awesome in all perspective. One of the greatest ways to fully explore the beauty and true essence of nature is kayaking on quiet and peaceful water. Here are some handy tips and tricks that would help you become a professional at it. For more kayaking tips, visit AdventuresInKayaks.com.

Let’s get started.

Choose the right Kayak

This is definitely one of the most important tips you will need to put in mind for your first kayaking experience as it will go a long way in defining how much fun you would have. There are basically two types of kayaks – ‘sit in’ and ‘sit on top’ kayaks.

For beginners, starting out with the sit on a top kayak would give you a good grasp at paddling the kayak. It is the best type of kayak for beginners. Having the best trolling motor for kayak is always very important as well.

Safety Is Key

Before you embark on the adventure, it is very pertinent that you take safety as your first priority. You should understand that being safe while kayaking is paramount.

A life jacket is not only important, but it is also mandatory for paddlers. Without forgetting, there is a fine placed on you if you refused to make use of the life jacket adequately.

Boat Rowing

Are you new to kayak paddling? Are you naive or scared about the concept of paddling? Here are few tips that will necessarily help you enjoy your kayaking adventures.

Place both of your hands at approximately shoulder-width apart. Insert one end of the paddle inside the water, pull this hand backward while pushing forward with the upper hand, rotate the paddle to the other side of the kayak, and repeat the movement. Remember to place the paddle at a right-angle level while in water.

Be Weather Conscious

One of the very important uncontrollable factors to always consider before setting out for your kayaking adventures is the weather condition. Taking note of the weather reports is a strong thing to do.

Knowing what to expect with respect to weather is key to the success and lack of it of your kayaking fun.

Team is Great

Kayaking alone is a cool idea but think about sharing that experience, fun, and adventure with other people.It improves and boosts your fun as you paddle with others.Especially if you are a woman kayaker, a life jacket or PFD is not only important, but it is also mandatory. Without forgetting, there is a fine placed on you if you refused to make use of the life jacket adequately.

Aside from the fun part of kayaking together, it is safer and more secured to kayak with others who are either freshers like you or expert in the world of kayaking adventures and fun. It will go a long way in boosting your morale.

Explore Night Paddling

No adventure is intensely enjoyed if you can’t take a little step into the unknown. Paddling your kayak between sunset and sunrise has been confirmed to be the best time to paddle the kayak for maximum fun.

But, you will do yourself a lot of good by bringing a torch (big and bright) on board and staying on course. Don’t forget to let someone knows where you are heading to.

Stay Vigilant In the Water

Whatever you do, regardless of how much fun you are having, always remember to watch out for incoming motor and fish lines – they are not your friends. Paddle your kayak completely out of the river banks as this will help you beat the fish lines.

Stay Responsible Indefinitely

On a concluding note, you must take kayaking as every other vehicle. Hence, cautions and precautions are very important to maintain your safety and that of people around.

Don’t spoil the fun by breaking the rules.


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