Reasons to Have a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Reasons to Have a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Be it the pre-condition for visa issuance of a country or anxiety of leaving your own land, you opt for an international travel insurance plan most of the times but neglect domestic travel insurance policy. However, what we always forget with an insurance plan is it is an investment that provides us reliable backup when we are in need. So, it is always good to even insurance your domestic travels. To provide you with a better understanding of the same, we are discussing here the top reasons for having a domestic insurance plan:

  1. Financial Assistance against Medical Expenses: It is unfortunate to fall ill while traveling, and in that situation, medical assistance and immediate hospitalization is needed. However, if you have a domestic travel insurance policy, you can save a lot of money during any medical emergency while traveling. An insurance policy provides you with financial benefits at the time of medical emergency such as an accident while traveling or sudden illness when on a trip.
  2. Facility of Emergency Medical Evacuation is Also Granted: There are times when you visit a place that does not have proper medical facilities. If you come across such a situation wherein the hospitals of the traveling destination do not have the proper equipment to treat you, then the insurance company bears the expenses of your emergency travel to a bigger medical facility.
  3. Provides Financial Coverage against Lost/ Theft Baggage (The Checked-In Baggage Only): The biggest fear that most of us have while traveling is a loss of baggage or having it stolen. Nothing can be more disheartening than losing your valuables while on your vacation or travel. However, having an insurance policy like domestic travel insurance gives you a sigh of relief in such situations. You get financial coverage against your lost or stolen checked in baggage.
  4. Coverage against Home Burglary: This coverage is not covered in the majority of travel insurance policies. However, you can take it as an add-on with your travel insurance policy or purchase a plan that offers coverage for the same. In this way, a travel insurance plan with home burglary inclusion not only financially safeguards your trip but also protects your home when you are away.
  5. Benefits against the Risks of Adventure Sports: Adventure sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc are in the boon. With fun, these sports are risky as well. So, if you are traveling domestically to enjoy any such adventure sports, you must take a domestic insurance policy. This is because such policies provide you coverage against injuries caused because of performing such sports even under the supervision of a professional.
  6. If You Miss the Connecting Flight: Missing connecting flight is not rare. So, if you are the one who is having a connecting flight to your traveling destination, then this feature saves you from financial loss incurring due to the missed connecting plane. In such a situation, the policy refunds your money spent on purchasing a new ticket.
  7. Trip Curtailment Benefit: There can be situations when you have to cut short your trip due to some family emergency. In such situations, the insurance company reimburses your money spent on purchasing new tickets for your unplanned return journey home. However, work-related emergencies are not covered in most of the domestic travel insurance policies.

Over to You!

The situation becomes difficult when you are all set for a journey, adventure, and vacation and you come across sudden issues related to travel such as trip curtailment, trip cancellation, medical emergency, etc. However, if you have a domestic travel insurance policy then you can easily overcome such problems. A domestic travel insurance plan benefits you in so many ways and above mentioned are some of the most common reasons for having a travel insurance plan even when you are traveling locally.


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