10 Creative Home Organization Ideas

10 Creative Home Organization Ideas

You have certainly heard about some home organizations, but it is possible that you have not given them a try. These tricks can help you easily find things you tend to forget. Sure, you can just buy products that could help you in organizing your home, but it does not have to be like that. Organizing does not require you to spend more money.

With some creative home organizing ideas (garage organization, bedroom organization, kitchen organization and etc.), you can immediately give your home a total makeover. At the same time, you get to save and/or acquire some added storage space. So, what are you waiting for? Give these tips a try and you will see exactly how you are going to benefit from them!

#1. Use Both Sides of Your Shelves

Do you have some storage shelves? Do you want to know the secret to maximizing their capabilities? It is pretty simple: try to use both sides. But make sure these are open shelves, where they do not have any walls mounted on their sides. For instance, in the kitchen, you can use magnetic shelves. That way, you can install magnetic jars below these shelves and keep your spices from there.

#2. Laundry Soap

Are you not tired of spilling some laundry soap every now and then? There is a workaround for this one. Go ahead and repurpose those empty jars. You can use them to store your laundry soap. And if you want, you can store all of these jars in a closet organizer. But, if possible, use an old organizer and just repurpose it. Lastly, remember to label these jars, so you can differentiate the likes of bleach and detergent.

#3. Wall Space in Your Garage

Ah, the garage is probably one of the areas in your property that rarely gets organizing. Here, all you need to do is leverage the wall space. For instance, you can mount some garage cabinets. But instead of placing them in the ground area, try using the wall space. This vertical area should give you added storage without taking up so much for your garage’s floor. From there, you can keep tools, paint brushes, and other items you usually keep in your garage.

#4. Garage Bike Storage or Organizer

Another interesting garage organization tip for your home is to use a bike organizer. You can simply use scrap woods and create it on your own. Like the aforementioned, you can take advantage of the wall space where you can mount this organizer and keep your bikes. For example, you can go away with overhead garage storage (low kd) meant specifically for your bikes. This is exceptionally helpful, especially if you have a handful of bicycles in your home.

#5. Always Think Vertically

Homeowners like you often make use of a household’s horizontal space. As a result, the overall structure tends to look a bit messy. A single area is packed with different fixtures while others may look quite cluttered. To get away with this, you should try to think vertically. For example, in your garage, you can introduce a garage overhead storage or use wall garage storage. In your bedroom, you can keep books in storage shelves mounted on the overhead of your bed. There is a lot of options here – and all you need to do is think vertically.

#6. The Nightstand

You can definitely agree that the bed usually sits on walls. Well, why not create a shelf for yourself and place it on the corner of the wall next to your bed. Believe it or not, you will appreciate the craftiness here.

#7. On a Roll

Want to ensure that your home is tidy all the time? One of the ways to do this is to find a way to keep your garbage bags in a single area. But instead of using expensive garage cabinets (if you choose to keep them in your garage) or storage shelves, repurpose your old shower curtain roller. Mount this on a wall, say, beneath your kitchen sink and roll those garbage bags from there.

#8. Beneath Your Bed

Another cool home organization tip to follow is this one. And it is the type that could help you keep items like shoes and luggage. The answer lies beneath your bed. Yes, that space can be used to keep items like the ones already mentioned.

#9. Mason Jars

These jars are perfect for keeping items like cotton swabs, medicines, or any small items that you would like to organize. You can mount them on scrap wood and place everything on a wall. Be sure to use transparent mason jars to know right away the content.

#10. Every Little Space is Valuable

Last but not least is the little space in your home. This could be anything from beneath your garage storage cabinets, garage storage shelves, drawers, desks, or even the table sitting next to your bed. Of course, just make sure you place and/or organize stuff accordingly, so the overall presentation will look pleasing.


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