Exploring the amazing State of Monaco

Exploring the amazing State of Monaco

Monaco is not only a small independent French state but has a rich historical and cultural background of its own which dates back to the 6th century BC. It is the world’s second smallest country, which is a princely state, ruled by the most glamorous monarchs of the Grimaldi family. Being a harbor city, Monaco has a picturesque coast and is a safe haven for some of the rich due to its tax-free status. Monaco is world famous for its casinos and visitors can enjoy world-class gambling here in Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the most luxurious casinos on earth. Visitors can also enjoy the excitement of the well-known Grand Prix and the mesmerizing beauty of Larvotto beach.

Being an old nation Monaco’s culture is rich and you can enjoy exploring most dazzling art galleries and museums here. Here are some of the things you should explore once you are in Monaco;

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Monaco Ville:

Monaco Ville also was known as the ‘Le Rocher’ or the ‘the Rock’, is the oldest part of the state of Monaco. It was built in 1215. And was captured by the Grimaldi family in 1297. Since then it has been the home of the Monegasque Royals and has been the hub of culture. The Monaco Ville is a medieval village with a Mediterranean feel and cobbled streets. Here you should definitely pay a visit to the Palais Princier de Monaco, which is a 12th-century fortress. On the east of the palace is the Chapelle de la Visitation located which is a former 17th-century Baroque chapel and is now a museum. It houses a collection of Mrs. Piasecka Johnson’s sacred works of arts along with the masterpieces from Ribera and Zurbaran and other Italian baroque masters. On the southwestern side of the rock, is the Jardin St. Martin. It is a beautiful spot on the cliff-edge; it consists of a series of pathways and gardens that are home to the exotic Mediterranean flora.

Monte de Carlo:

Any trip to Monaco is incomplete without paying a visit to the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo. It opened in 1863 to save the Grimaldi family from bankruptcy. It is a beautiful complex, which has many gaming rooms, an opera, and the offices of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. The casino also holds the European Poker Tour. The first Bond novel ‘Casino Royale’ is also inspired by this casino. The casino’s lawns are free to visit but there is an entry fee on gaming rooms. Before you go gambling in any casino, be sure that you have enough funds.


Monaco has tons of quality bar that offer world-class hospitality and are full of glamour as well. You can enjoy the world famous red wine at the Yacht Club de Monaco or drink mojitos at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. But, no matter where you are don’t get too much drunk that you may lose your essentials and if you do misplace your cell phones etc. you can easily track it back by installing any mobile tracking app about which you can always get the latest reviews at flexispy review.


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