5 Snorkeling Tips and Tricks

5 Snorkeling Tips and Tricks

Snorkeling can be a very fun recreational activity which many people are already choosing to engage in on a regular basis. Going under the surface of the water allows one to view a whole different world which can be quite thrilling. Because of this, snorkeling has become a hobby for many people as there is so much to see under the water. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, here are some valuable tips which you need to know about.

  1.    Have the right gear

This is one of the most important tips that you need to know about when you are looking to go on a snorkeling adventure.  It is advisable that you bring your own gear which you have familiarity with. Look for gears which will fit you perfectly like google and flippers you do not want to have a mishap when you are a couple of feet’s under the water. If you do not have your own gear you can rent some for the duration that you will be snorkeling.

  1.    De-fog

There is no point in wearing goggles if you cannot see anything in them. It is natural for the goggles to get foggy but there is a wide range of gels which is applied inside the google to prevent fogging. If you do not have the gel you can use Johnson baby oil or crushed leave which will do the trick just fine. In de fogging just make sure that you are protecting your eyes.

  1.    Wear your mask well

Before you dive into the deep waters you need to make sure that you have your mask well-fitting on your face. The mask must perfectly and to determine this, you can hold the snorkel mask on your face and breathe in and if the mask seals itself in without you having to hold it then it’s okay. Other preliminary checks which you need to carry out include; checking for air leaks because if there is an area where air can pass through you can be sure even water will pass through. For more information on this, you can view details on Scubalist.pro.

  1.    Master your breathing

Before you dip into the water you first need to carry out a few breathing exercises with your snorkel on so that you can be able to master your breathing before you dip into the water. Breath through the tube slowly but deeply taking all the air in. As you breathe to make sure you do not bite on the tube as you will tire your jaws pretty fast. The better you are at you breathing the more comfortable you will be underwater.

  1.    Know your limit

The common mistake that most people make is a failure to understand just what they can achieve. Snorkeling is not a race but a fun activity and you need to do what you can manage and don’t push your limit you may end up not enjoying the experience. Once you know your limit you will be able to pace yourself and you won’t appear threatening to marine life meaning that you will have a more fulfilling experience.


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