Men’s Fashion: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Spring Fashion 2019

Men's Fashion: The Ultimate Guide to Men's Spring Fashion 2019

The fashion industry is known for moving fast. One day your outfit is 100% on-trend, and the next, you’re wearing last season’s looks. It’s hard to keep up with all the swift changes as seasons come and go and new designers step onto the scene.

But, fashion should be all about having fun!

Don’t stress out too much over what’s hot and what’s not. Just focus on looking and feeling your best in the clothes you’re in, and try to focus on a few big trends at a time. Instead of completely overhauling your closet whenever a new season rolls around, choose two or three trends to make your own.

If you’re already preparing your closet for spring, you’ve come to the right place.

The following is an overview of the 5 most popular men’s spring fashion trends of the year, plus a guide on how to incorporate these looks into your current wardrobe.

The Biggest Men’s Spring Fashion Trends of 2019

Last year, men’s spring fashion was all about big suits, high-rise trousers, and jumpsuits. We also saw a few leather-inspired looks, and the “dad style” became a thing.

This year’s biggest trends have left some of 2018’s styles in the past and brought others into the future with an innovative spin on things you’ve seen before.

Here are the trends that stand out the most in the upcoming season.

1. Short Shorts

Short shorts for men have become quite popular on the beach or in the gym. But, they’re making a bigger splash this spring in the form of casual pieces for everyday use.

You can expect to see many men wearing short shorts while out with friends when running errands, and going on a date. Even if spring weather is still a bit brisk where you live, consider buying at least one pair of short shorts to keep on-hand for summer. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear these once the weather warms up.

2. Sharp, Tailored Pieces

The short shorts trend offers a lot of opportunity for your wardrobe. You can use soft cotton shorts for casual outings and invest in tailored, more high-end looks for nicer occasions. The latter is actually going to be in your best interest.

Tailored pieces are always going to be “in” for men’s fashion. Every well-dressed man needs to have a suit that looks just right. But, particularly fashionable men will have additional tailored pieces to use when he’s not wearing a full suit.

It’s time to take in some of the big jackets you bought last year. These can pair well with short shorts and with dad jeans. They’ll make you look more put-together whether you’re going out for drinks with the guys or taking your significant other out to dinner.

3. Double-Breasted Layers

Although tailored looks are in, you may want to leave one of your big jackets from last year as-is. This is because double-breasted layers are rising in popularity, too.

Double-breasted jackets are much bigger than their nicely tailored counterparts. They’re meant to be the final layer of your outfit and they work best if you use them as a focal piece for your look.

These jackets should never be buttoned. Leave them open as you stroll around town and go about your day.

4. Fun Shirts

Fun shirts are up next on the list of spring trends you can expect.

“Fun” means a few different things this year. For starters, there are going to be many bold patterns available in new collections of t-shirts and button-ups-like some pieces available from Jared Lang. These will come in a mix of textures and patterns offered on a wide range of breathable, spring-friendly fabrics.

More so, you’ll see a shift in how men present themselves when wearing a nice shirt. Typically, the “right” way to wear a button up is to cuff the arms and tuck it all the way in. But, that’s going to change this spring.

The trend this year is to wear half-tucked shirts and to let the sleeves look a little less tidy, too. The whole point is to draw more attention to the shirt you’re wearing. This trend is all about showing off your adventurous side and not playing by the rules.

5. Relaxed, Baggy Looks

The thing about being adventurous is that it’s hard to express this side of yourself when you’re wearing tight, restrictive clothing. As much as tailored looks are coming back into play this spring, so are relaxed, baggy styles.

Many high-end designers and regular guys are swapping out put-together outfits for boho-chic styles. They’re stepping out in outfits inspired by slow fashion, and they’re choosing hiking sandals and other open-toed looks over boat shoes and loafers.

This isn’t to say you should throw all of your nicer things away though!

There are a time and a place to put on your best looks and to present a more laid-back version of yourself, too. Your challenge this spring is to find the balance between these styles.

How to Pair Different Trends Together

You can research all the latest trends as much as you want. But at the end of the day, being a fashionable man comes down to your own personal style.

You need to go beyond buying pieces that are “in” and preparing for upcoming seasons. To truly define your style, you have to take a look at your closet as a whole and find a way to express your own personality through fashion-forward clothes.

Here’s a simple guide on how to pair various trendy pieces together in a way that best represents who you are (and how stylish you are).

1. Define Your Go-to Pieces

No matter what season it is, you need to have a few versatile go-to pieces in your closet. Every man needs a few basic single-colored T-shirts, a few nice pairs of jeans, and a range of casual and nicer footwear (sandals, sneakers, loafers).

These are items you’ll use regardless of what’s trendy and what the weather is like. They help you make sense of the different trendy pieces you have and they create the foundation for your unique style.

Go through your closet and establish what your personal go-to’s are. Maybe you’re the guy who rarely leaves the house wearing footwear other than sneakers. Maybe you absolutely love patterned button-ups or fitted blazers.

Whatever your thing is, own it through each new season in the fashion that comes along.

2. Dress Within Context

The next tip to keep in mind when trying out new trends is to dress within context. As far as spring ’19 fashion goes, you shouldn’t be wearing baggy, boho-chic looks to work if your job is in a business professional environment. Stick to tailored pieces at work and let your casual side come out on the weekend.

More so, think about how appropriate it is to dress up short shorts with a blazer for brunch vs the beach. Leave the blazer at home when you’re heading out for an active day and use this as an opportunity to sport a half-tucked comfortable shirt instead.

Not every piece of your outfit needs to be a trendy item. In fact, your spring looks will be much more impressive if you can show that you know how to take one trend and make it your own.

3. Get Creative!

Even though it’s smart to create your own style, you have to be careful of putting yourself in a box. Your style can change as time goes on, just as your personality and interests may change.

Don’t ever limit your creativity just because of things you’ve worn in the past. It’s worth pushing your style a little past its comfort zone to see what kind of new trends you might really like. This will not only make you more fashionable, but it will give you a newfound sense of joy and appreciation for what you have in your closet and how you combine different pieces.

More Men’s Fashion Tips and Tricks

There’s one rule in a fashion you should use above all else: trends come and go, but style lasts forever. Even when you change your style up a bit and try out different trends, the true test of how fashionable you are is how your personality shines through the clothes you wear.

At its core, fashion is all about self-expression-not about impressing others or going with the crowd. Keep this in mind as you add this year’s men’s spring fashion trends into your personal wardrobe.

For more tips and tricks on how to navigate the fast-paced world of fashion, click here.


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