Types of home health care services

Types of home health care services

Most of the elderly people, as they age begin to fall victim to different diseases. Such people require special care. As a result, the health home care services are developing each day for such people. Since there are a number of health care services available at home, you can choose the one depending on the severity of the condition. Usually, these range from nursing care to the specialized medical services which may even include laboratory workups. Therefore, before determining any particular need you need to consult with your doctor regarding the health care service. There are quite a few quality home health agencies so you have options open.

Doctor Care

In this case, you will need to appoint a doctor who will visit your home from time to time. The homecare assistant may be present when the doctor visits your place. The doctor will check for the progress in the health and the illness. The doctor will help to treat it. They will help to periodically analyze the health condition of the elderly person at your house.

Nursing care

More than the doctors, elderly patients require special nursing care. This usually depends on the needs of the elderly person. When you appoint the nurse as the homecare assistant, make sure they meet the registered doctor. This will help your doctors and students to plan a schedule for the patient’s care. Some of the prominent nursing care services include the following:

  • Wound Dressing
  • Ostomy care
  • Taking care of the medications
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Pain control
  • Health support
  • Keeping a check on the patient’s health

Medical Social Services

There is a range of medical social service providers available around you. There are agencies which may help you appoint them. The work of these providers usually includes counseling, finding out the ways through which the patient can be treated. If the health condition of the patient is degrading each day and is pretty complex, they will also keep a check on the patient’s case. Apart from that, they also coordinate the different services. If you are in need of the medical social service provider, you can contact the home health agency around you.

Physical, occupational or speech therapy

Most of the patients require assistance in their day to day activities after recovering from an illness. The homecare assistants also help the patients to improve their speech. If a patient suffers from paralysis, they will have a tough time recovering. Thus, you can consider appointing a physical therapist for you. They plan a schedule to help the patients regain their muscle and joint strength. There are certain homecare assistants who can help with physical, emotional and social disabilities. All of them plan a schedule to treat their disabilities. They treat them with their daily activities such as bathing, dressing and more. The speech therapist helps to treat the speech disabilities so they can communicate properly with the people.

Pharmaceutical Services

Not many are aware of this kind of health home care services. In this kind of services, both the medicines and medical equipment can be sent to the home of the patients. The homecare assistant will help the patients learn about how to use the medical equipment and when to take the medicines. The health care service provider may also assist you with intravenous services. If anyone is looking for a reliable laboratory, then he or she might search online for laboratory test near me to get one.

Laboratory and X-ray Imaging

There are certain laboratory tests which can be effectively done in the home of the patients too. If your patient is too weak to visit any laboratory center, you may ask the respective person to conduct it in the home itself. Some of the centers even have portable X-ray machines. The lab assistant may carry it to your home to conduct the X-ray test.

Care from home health aides

Home health aides usually help the patients to recover from their disabilities. They can help to treat their basic needs such as walking, bathing, getting out of bed and all the other daily activities. Many aides are specially trained so that they can be effective homecare assistant. However, these usually become effective under the supervision of a nurse.

The home health agency may often offer different volunteer care services. They provide emotional as well as physical services. You can reach out to home care Suwanee to get the best of the services. You should ensure to be careful while choosing the company.


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