How Can You Recognise the Signs of Asbestos in Your Home?

How Can You Recognise the Signs of Asbestos in Your Home?

Years ago, asbestos was used in building and construction. Today, asbestos poses severe and dangerous risks to health and it should be arrested immediately to prevent lung cancer and other serious complications. Asbestos is a material that consists of fibers that the naked eye cannot see. In case, you are not sure as to whether your building has asbestos or not; it is prudent for you to call in professionals that have experience and knowledge in the field. They will step in to arrest the issue and protect your home with a foolproof sealant.

The age of your structure

When you are inspecting your home for the presence of asbestos, the first thing you should do is check the product and the manufacture label of the insulation done. You first have to find out whether it has asbestos or not. You can check the label to find out more about the risks you may have to asbestos. Those buildings that were made in the 1940s to the 1980s is prone to have materials that had asbestos in them. This means you are at risk to it. If the building was made after 1995, then it will not have materials with asbestos in it.

Inspect the joints

Besides ADVD asbestos testing, you can take a look at the joints of the building. You will find that buildings that had asbestos materials were generally joined together with aluminum runners. These runners had to be held together with the help of small nails that had no point at their ends. In the inside, asbestos was generally held together with one another with runners made of wood or plastic. Check the joints and look out for the above signs. This indicates that the materials have materials with asbestos. Likewise, inspect with care the joints that have any kind of adhesives as this indicates that asbestos has been used in the construction.

Check the patterns on the surface

You can also check the patterns on the surface as materials with asbestos have them. These patterns often look like shallow craters or small dimples on the surface. If you check the later structures, you will find they have a smooth finish and texture. However, experts in the field of asbestos removal say the above is not foolproof evidence that the material contains asbestos however there are risks of the same so ask professionals to enter to inspect the structure for you.

Last but not least, do not make the mistake of trying to deal with asbestos by yourself. Professional companies have the latest filtration methods to help you deal with the issue safely. They will use protective gear and clothing to ensure they do not fall prey to asbestos poisoning. There are several companies with proven track records and credentials to help you with asbestos removal. Call them and ask them to inspect the area. Once the asbestos has been removed from the area, it is generally covered with a sealant so that there are no potential health risks to you or your family!


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