10 Beautifully Unique Engagement Rings She’s Sure to Love

10 Beautifully Unique Engagement Rings She's Sure to Love

Don’t pick any old diamond ring! Check out this list of the 10 most beautifully unique engagement rings your partner is sure to love! Click here for  artisan rings that are unique and perfect as an engagement rings.

Are you finally ready to pop the question? Congratulations! Of course, there’s a lot of planning that goes into making sure you give her an amazing proposal.

And the most important aspect is making sure you’ve found the perfect ring. When you first hit the jewelry store, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at all your options then notice many of them share the same trends, such as princess cut diamonds and halos.

If your soon-to-be fiancee is beautifully unique, she deserves an engagement ring that matches her personality. After all, who wants the same ring that thousands of other women have?

Luckily, there are tons of unique engagement rings that are calling her name. Keep reading to discover the top 10 gorgeous and one-of-a-kind engagement rings that are sure to make her say “yes!”

1. Heart Cut Diamonds

While princess cut diamonds may be trending, round diamonds reign supreme as the most popular diamond cut. Of course, those aren’t your only two options. You’ll find plenty of cushion, pear, and oval diamonds, too.

But if you want the diamond to really symbolize how you feel, consider getting a heart cut diamond. The best part is that you can make this totally unique or keep some traditional aspects depending on what setting you choose.

2. Colored Stones

Who says diamonds are your only option? They are the most traditional piece of an engagement ring, so you can easily create an uncommon ring by opting for a different gem.

Sapphire, ruby, and emerald are all options that will give her ring a stunning pop of color. If you do want to stick with diamonds, consider getting a colored diamond instead of clear.

3. Colored Accent Stones

“Well, I like the idea of colored stones, but I’m not sure she’ll want to forgo the main diamond.” No problem!

Many engagement rings have accent stones that form a halo around the main diamond or go down the sides of the band. This is the perfect place to play with color. Instead of using accent diamonds, use colored diamonds or gems to bring some color to her ring.

4. Two-Toned Rings

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum….which to choose? Don’t forget to take the metal type into consideration before you hit the store.

However, who says you have to limit yourself to just one type of metal?

Two-toned rings incorporate two different metals – usually two different golds. You may have different colored bands twisting together or have one main color and an accent in a different color (such as a halo or under diamond detail).

Using two metals will automatically give this ring that unique factor and give you a chance to play with color if you don’t want to use colored stones.

5. Opals

If you do decide to forgo that main diamond, you don’t have to go with another opaque gemstone.

Opals make a great option that brings a cool twist to the traditional diamond. she’ll still have something white and sparkly, but her ring will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Plus, opals tend to be more affordable than diamonds, making this a great option if you don’t have a lot to spend on an engagement ring.

6. Nature Inspired Rings

Do you and your soon-to-be fiancee love the great outdoors? Maybe you regularly go camping, hiking, and the like.

Let this show in her engagement ring by finding one inspired by nature. Perhaps one of the best designs is when pieces of gold surround the center diamond forming rose leaves. You can even find flower-inspired rings with diamond-encrusted “petals” for that extra bling factor.

Of course, you’ll need your own nature-inspired ring to match. Wooden wedding bands, like the ones found at Lux Woods, will give you something unique and manly that still compliments her engagement ring.

7. Ornate Vintage

If you really want to avoid getting a ring full of today’s trends, consider going vintage. However, vintage is a very broad design element – you’ll find some rings that are very ornate and others that are simple and subtle.

Ornate vintage rings are a great option for that special woman in your life. You can find ones with intricate swirling details that she’ll spend hours looking at.

8. Modern Bezel

Maybe modern is more her style? If so, you can’t go wrong with something simple and sleek.

You’ll notice that many rings have a center diamond that’s held in place with small prongs or surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds. But those aren’t your only two options.

Consider going with a plain bezel setting. The center diamond (or gemstone) will be surrounded by a thin circle of your metal of choice. It adds a little more interest than just having prongs without going too flash and trendy with a diamond halo.

9. Curved Rings

When you picture any ring, you probably think of one straight band that wraps around the finger and a little detail on the top. While many engagement rings follow this basic shape, not all do.

Curving bands are the perfect way to add something special to her ring without making it completely non-traditional. She can still have a nice center diamond, accent diamonds, and stick with one type of metal.

Instead of the band remaining straight, it curves and swirls around the center diamond. Not only does this make for one unique engagement ring, but it helps to frame and draw attention to that beautiful diamond.

10. Two Diamonds

Two is better than one, right? Why not opt for a two diamond engagement ring?

As the name suggests, instead of having one center diamond, she’ll get two! Many of these rings also come on asymmetrical, swirling, or curving bands to add another element of uniqueness to her ring.

Unique Engagement Rings for a Unique Woman

Don’t give your soon-to-be-fiancee the same old ring everyone else has. Instead, use these unique engagement rings as inspiration to find the perfect ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind, just like her.

Once you’ve found the right ring, you’ll want to make sure it lasts forever. Check out our article on caring for wedding and engagement rings to keep it looking brand new for years to come.


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