Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

Vietnam Visa for US Citizens

Citizens of several European states, for example, can travel as tourists to Vietnam without a visa if their stay is under 15 days; and citizens of several southeast Asian nations can enter and remain in Vietnam without a visa for stays of up to 30 days.

But travelers from the United States, Canada, and Australia, among many other countries, require a visa to enter Vietnam regardless of the length of stay or the purpose of the trip.

Getting a Vietnam visa for US citizens is not so easy for who first travel to vietnam. You should check visa requirements whether you need getting a visa to Vietnam or not? After checking please do the following steps:

  • Your passport has at least 6 months expiry date from the arrival date in Vietnam.
  • 2 photos 4x6cm available (less than 3months)
  • You must prepare some money for Vietnam visa service fees.
  • You have to fill in the form of entry and exit.

After completing required steps above, you are 100% sure a visa to enter Vietnam. There are two ways for getting visa to Vietnam for American Citizens in United States of America and Foreigners living in United States of America.

1. Apply Vietnam Visa At The Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate

It is a little bit complicated to apply Vietnam visa from Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your country. This case requires Vietnamese consulate or embassy that has been established in your residence country.

But this problem may be solved in United States of America, because there is one Vietnamese embassy in Washington DC, two consulate in San Francisco and Houston-Texas. Therefore, apply Vietnam entry visa is easy for American and foreigners who settled in United States of America.

2.Apply Vietnam Visa Online (Recommended)

Tourists who require a visa to enter Vietnam can apply online in advance and obtain their paperwork upon arrival in one of the country’s four international airports (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang).

After filling out the application and paying the service fee online, travelers will receive an official visa approval letter from Vietnam’s Immigration Department via e-mail within two business days.

Once you’ve been approved, print out the letter and bring it — along with two passport photos — with you on the plane to present in Vietnam upon landing. A stamping fee will be charged when you obtain your visa.

Tourist visa fees, when applying online, vary according to processing speed (as slow as two working days and as fast as four hours), duration of visit (one to three months), and a single-entry versus multiple-entry visa: they can run as little as $17 or as much as $65.

Travelers can also pay for services in addition to their visa online, such as access to an airport processing fast-lane ($25) or car transport service to your hotel ($30). Stamping fees also vary depending on whether a visa is for single or multiple-entry, costing $25 for the former and $50 for the latter.

Travelers must pay for the stamping fee in cash, using either Vietnam dong or U.S. dollars. If you forgot to bring the cash, the immigration officer will escort you to the ATM to withdraw the money. Be aware of that the officer is not always available to solve your problem so you’d better prepare some cash to avoid any inconvenience

Hope the above post help you will be easier on get Vietnam visa for US citizens. Welcome to Vietnam


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