It’s Move in Day: 8 Ways to Design Your Apartment Complex

It's Move in Day: 8 Ways to Design Your Apartment Complex

All the grueling paperwork is done and it’s time to move into your new apartment. Here are 8 apartment design ideas for your new home.

You’ve signed the dotted line. The keys are in hand. That new apartment is yours!

And now the real fun begins. You get to decorate your new place any way you please.

But getting started can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? What design tips and tricks will give your new home that wow factor you’re after?

Let’s look at 8 ways to turn your new place into the apartment design of your dreams.

1. First Things First: Prioritize

Before moving day, your priorities centered around loans for apartment buildings and researching which movers to use. But now (finally!) you get to focus on how you will use each space in your new apartment.

And that will set you on the path to decorating an apartment that will function perfectly for your needs.

Will you need a designated dining space? Or could you use that area more as a workspace or reading nook?

How about that spare bedroom? Having a guest room is always nice, but maybe you’ll get much more use out of a playroom for the kids.

Knowing how best to use each room in your apartment will turn wasted space into functional, even multi-functional, rooms.

2. There’s No Place like “Homey”

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean it has to feel like you’re living in an apartment. Creating a warm, cozy environment makes a major difference in making it feel like home.

And you can do this, no matter what style of decor you prefer, with two simple touches.

Add softness to those standard apartment window blinds with curtains. They’ll bring texture, visual interest, and a little bit of drama to every window.

Table and floor lamps are perfect as your main source of light. Overhead apartment lighting can be harsh, but lamps create a warm, homey glow in a room.

3. It Starts with a Neutral Background

To get the most out of your design, think of your rooms as being the backdrop to your decor. And by using a neutral backdrop, you can fill the room with as much, or as little, colored accessories as you like.

The most versatile colors for your walls and flooring are whites, grays, and tans. The same holds true for the major pieces of your furniture, like your sofa. Although, you can get away with black or wood finishes on your large storage pieces and tables.

And the best part is, you add color and personality with accessories! Throw pillows, rugs, art, curtains, lamps… all your accent pieces.

Then, when you get tired of the look or feel like changing things up, you switch out the accessories. You won’t have to shell out a ton of money to repaint walls, install new flooring, or buy large pieces of furniture.

4. Use Your Sofa as Living Room Inspiration

Your sofa is the star of your living room. And as such, it should be the first thing you focus on when designing your room decor.

Pick the largest size that will fit in your living room. Don’t worry if your room is small, there are lots of smaller sofas available that are just as stylish and cozy.

And go for one in a neutral color or a color that will blend with many different looks. Because you never know when you’ll feel like redecorating. It’s easier to buy new throw pillows than a whole new sofa.

If money is tight, visit a thrift store. If you find a style you like, but the color or fabric is all wrong, slipcovers work great in giving it a brand-new look on a budget.

5. Use Your Wall Space

No matter how much furniture you have in a space, empty walls will make the room feel stark. Bring some life into your apartment design with wall hangings that reflect your style and personality!

This could include art, personal photos, and framed posters. Give it even more interest by hanging the frames in fun gallery styles.

Or go for something a bit different with a wall tapestry or rug. It’s a unique way to add color and texture.

6. Head of the Bed

Investing in a headboard is one you will never regret. Not only does it finish off the look of your bed, but it also gives your bedroom a grown-up focal point.

Have it be tall and dramatic. Or simple with clean lines.

For something more unique, try hanging curtains as a headboard. Use a bookcase and fill it with accessories. Or use decorative screens.

7. Bounce Some Light Around

Most apartments, that aren’t end units, only have windows on one wall of a room. That limits the amount of natural light available to fill the space, making it dark. Unless, of course, you use an apartment design hack.

Mirrors are a perfect way to double the amount of natural light in a room. Whether you hang them on the wall or prop large floor mirrors against the wall. They will draw the natural light in from the windows and bounce it around the room.

As an added bonus, the reflective surfaces and added light will make any small space feel and look much bigger.

8. It’s a Plant’s Life

Most apartments don’t have the luxury of having a large outdoor area. Especially one filled with lush greenery.

So, take matters into your own hands by adding plants around your apartment! It’s a great way to bring that outdoor feeling into any room, plus it always gives a great pop of color.

Choose plants that live well in an indoor environment. Houseplants that hold up well under low light conditions work best. And if you tend to forget to water them, a plant that is hardy and bounces back after a missed watering or two is ideal.

Celebrate Your New Home with an Awesome Apartment Design

You worked hard for your new place. There’s nothing better to top it off with than a great apartment design. And with these tips, you can create a home you’ll never want to leave.

Stuck on choosing the right furniture to fill your new apartment? Check out these tips to help you pick the right pieces for you!


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