Make Your Sleeping Experience Luxurious With Luxury Bedding Products

Make Your Sleeping Experience Luxurious With Luxury Bedding Products

Luxury doesn’t come in one package. Rather, it is a combination of elements that create the ‘luxury factor’. These elements include luxury bedding collections, like duvet covers and protectors, cushions, throws and bedspreads. Dusk Luxury White bedding is particularly synonymous with luxury and is ideal to mix with soft, pastel tones.

Luxury duvets

The filling of a duvet is imperative to the luxurious feel a duvet provides. Down filled duvets are one of the most popular choices at Dusk. Both are soft, plump and made with a combination of feathers and down. The duvets at Dusk are available as a king size duvet and other sizes including single, double and super king size.

Luxury cushions and throws

Modern bedding is not just about sheets and pillows, it’s also about using other bedding accessories, such as cushions and throws. Luxury throws and cushions allow you to introduce more texture, patterns and colour into your bedroom design, without being overwhelming. Choose from honeycomb knits, chunky knits, faux fur and softly stitched designs to add personality and uniqueness to your room. Bedspreads also allow you to dress your bed in a style of your choice without going to great lengths, often they can transform a room.

Make Your Sleeping Experience Luxurious With Luxury Bedding Products

Bedding protection

Protecting a duvet cover or a bedding pillow may not sound like you are investing in luxury – but by keeping away spills and limiting wear and tear, you are doing just that. Pillow protectors are ideal for making sure your luxury pillows are kept in excellent condition.  Those with a quilted layer also offer an extra helping of comfort. A mattress protector performs a similar job by keeping your mattress hygienically clean and looking good for longer. Visit  Project Repat for t-shirt quilted blankets

Make Your Sleeping Experience Luxurious With Luxury Bedding Products

Luxury Pillows

Pillows are an important part of the luxury mix. Not only do down, feather and Microfibre fillings create a feeling of luxury as you sleep, but a high-quality pillow also looks good on your bed.

Luxury duvet covers

Choosing a 100% cotton duvet for your luxury covers is a wise choice. They look effortlessly stylish and are hugely practical too. Our covers and pillow cases provide a unique range of luxury designs and patterns and all are made using 200 and 400 thread counts, offering excellent quality. 

At Dusk, we have a superb range of luxury designer bedding collections, from single bed linen and pillows, to luxury bedspreads, throws and pillow protectors. We regularly hold sales on many of our product lines. Have a look at our website to see our latest deals.


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