5 Gifts for the Design Lover in Your Life

5 Gifts for the Design Lover in Your Life

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to narrow down your gift list for your friends and loved ones. Some are a bit easier to shop for (say, your kid niece), but what about the more difficult ones? For that person in your life who has a flair for the artistic and really loves home design and decor, it can be fun—but tricky—to find the perfect gift.

These 5 gift ideas for the design lover in your life are the perfect ideas to spark your holiday gift list inspiration.


Not only is shopping in a nursery a welcome change in scenery from the usual holiday madness (warm, humid greenhouse vs. packed mall? any day!), but a small, easy-to-care-for plant is a unique gift for a design-savvy person. Plants can help liven up a space, and they even help clean the air we breathe, as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Tips: Think of the lighting, environment, and needs of the plant. And if you really have no green thumb whatsoever, ask. Plant care specialists are there to help guide you to the best plant for the conditions, and can even help re-pot or give advice on how to care for the plant.

Throw Pillows

A few mudcloth pillows, in a complimentary design, color, and fabric, are a fantastic option for that design lover on your list. Throw pillows create an accent to a sofa or chair that is not only visually pleasing, but cushy and cozy for the ultimate in relaxation…a true gift. A good rule of thumb: if this person’s style is more modern, aim for an odd number of pillows. If they are more of a traditionalist in their aesthetic, an even number of pillows is appropriate.

A Pottery Accent Piece

This one can be tricky to get just right, but if you do, it’s a fantastic gift option. Not only is pottery modern, it’s timeless, and creates an aesthetic in the home that matches any sense of style. Find a local potter in your area, and you’ve hit the gift jackpot. For pottery that is sure to fit anyone’s style, aim for a piece that is practical and artistic. One idea? A hand painted planter, to go along with their new plant.

Essential Oil Diffuser

For the design lover, scents create an ambience in their home that is just as important to the general aesthetic as their furniture or decor. Finding an essential oil diffuser that harmoniously fits into their style is key here…one that is small, stylish, streamlined. If you want to give an essential oil, try a mild scent such as lavender.

A Warm, Cozy Blanket

Much like throw pillows are a gift that will be appreciated for its coziness, a blanket or throw for the comfy sofa is the perfect, thoughtful gift for the design lover in your life. Aim to find one that is soft, over-sized, and in neutral colors, so as to fit any color scheme. Bonus points for one that is made of natural fibers (hypoallergenic for the win) or is machine washable.


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