How to design an effective business card

How to design an effective business card

Designing an effective business card is not an easy task as you think of it. Usually, just to avoid the cost people try to design the card by themselves or through using online sites that help in creating your business card design for free. Your first introduction to your customer is your business card and good design business card shows your interest and competency towards your customers and business. Business card is one of the effective marketing tool, when marketing your products or business. There are different tools and options available to design your card yourself, but one should get your business namecard designed professional as it depicts your business professionalism and legitimacy of your business/company. It is your first impression and you know very well that first impression is most critical in business market.

Your business card daily gets passed through a lot of people, so you make sure that business card design must be effective and provides enough information. You want your business card presentable then you must get the professional services of Kiasu Singapore Business card printing online . They are highly skilled and competent professionals, who can design your business card and all other printing material as per your business requirements. They will design your business card the provides enough information which will be effective and able to convey your business overall picture and nature to your potential customers. Business card represents your brand so professional brand image starts with professionally designed card. Other than business card, Kiasu sticker printing Singapore offers professional designing and printing services of different types of stickers that include “small rectangular shape stickers/labels”, “large format direct UV stickers (indoor/outdoor)”, and lots of other options that helps in your business direct marketing and awareness among your potential customers.

You must understand that how your business card can be more effective for that your need to design or get your card professionally designed by keeping following tips as follows:

  1. Get your logo designed by professional graphic designer. As its make your card look more elegant than the competitors’ cards
  2. Include your essential information like your name, title, company name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email and website addresses
  3. Try to use one or two-color scheme as per your business nature
  4. Don’t use funky style fonts, only use specific fonts or readable fonts
  5. Try to change the shape of your card like rounded or oval.
  6. Use good and high-quality paper – matt or laminated sheet for card printing
  7. Always use tagline emphasizing your business benefits to your customers
  8. Design and print custom business cards for specific events as per customer demand or market demand.
  9. Design 4-inch x 7-inch double fold, triple sized business card (like a mini brochure). Its front is just like normal card, but you put portfolio images/photo inside it
  10. Embossing and foil stamping are two other printing processes that can give your card visual appeal.


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