Does Bone Broth Soup Really Make You Look Younger? Let’s Find Out…

Do Really Bone Broth Soup Can Make You Look Younger? Let’s Find It Out…

If you are looking for an effective, inexpensive and natural way that keeps your skin youthful and glowing, then look no further than those leftover bones you have from Saturday night’s dinner!

Yep, that’s right!

Bone broth is the ultimate superfood for the skin and some even claims that it works better than botox.

Do Really Bone Broth Soup Can Make You Look Younger? Let’s Find It Out…

Glowing and clear skin is an inside job and this means that you need to eat all the essential nutrients for the skin such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats— all provided by those bones!

So is bone broth soup really Mother Nature’s version of botox?

Here are 4 ways that bone broth can help improve your skin appearance and make you look younger for your age!

     1. Promoting Skin Elasticity for Firm and Smooth Skin

Bone broth soups are loaded with collagen!

As a matter of fact, it is one of the only foods which contain collagen. Most food items have minerals, vitamin, and antioxidants such as selenium and vitamin C that help in stimulating the body in order to produce collagen. However, only a handful of foods actually HAVE collagen themselves.

The most important nutrient for the elasticity of the skin is collagen. This is due to the fact that collagen is your skin’s primary structural protein and is responsible for the youthful, firm and plump appearance that your skin has.

However, as we age, collagen starts to break down due to toxin exposure and weakening as we age and signs of premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines start to become noticeable.

Research revealed that our bodies start to produce fewer collagen at the age of 25. This is why we need to add more collagen in our diet from superfoods such as bone broth in order to stimulate skin elasticity and fight the telltale signs of premature aging.

As a nutrient-rich fluid, bone broth soup made with the Total Control Soup Maker can also keep you hydrates, making your skin looks dewy and supple.

     2. Loaded with Anti-Aging Nutrients

In the anti-aging skin care industry, hyaluronic acid is quite popular and on demand. This is due to the fact that most clinics offer hyaluronic acid injections as wrinkle fillers in order to reduce noticeable lines on the face.

Do Really Bone Broth Soup Can Make You Look Younger? Let’s Find It Out…

However, bone broth soups offer more than just that!

This wonder soup contains GAGs or glycosaminoglycan that are molecules found in the dermis of the skin together with elastin and collagen. With gel-like consistency, the role of GAGs is to fill the space between elastin and collagen that helps keep the skin supple and plump.

There are various types of GAGs and hyaluronic acid is one of them. This only means that eating bone broth soup will provide you with the same exact molecules that are used in dermal fillers but with a whole food nutrition. So, in terms of anti-aging benefits, it does not get much better than that, really!

     3. Promotes Fewer Breakouts

The high concentration of minerals and vitamins found in bone broth soups makes it an “eatable multivitamin” for the skin!

There are few essential minerals and vitamins that are concentrated in bones such as zinc which is crucial for maintaining a clear skin and fights acne breakouts.

As a matter of fact, research revealed that zinc has this ability to reduce the activity of P. acnes, a skin bacteria that causes breakouts. Moreover, lack in zinc is also associated with chronic acne.

Do Really Bone Broth Soup Can Make You Look Younger? Let’s Find It Out…

     4. Brightens Your Skin

A good circulation is crucial for a bright and glowing skin. And thanks to the alkaline minerals found in bone broth soups, it encourages a better oxygen flow to the entire body. Some trace minerals which are found in bone broth soups like zinc and iron also helps in promoting wound healing as well as reducing the appearance of scarring and red marks.


As you can see, the food items that you include in your diet are just as crucial to your skin and beauty care routine as cleansers and creams may be. By regularly eating bone broth soup and other skin-friendly food items, you will be providing your skin with the necessary nourishment on a deeper level that no beauty and skin products cannot give!


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