6 Ways You Can Make Your Clothes Last Longer

6 Ways You Can Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Everyone hates it when they go to put on their favorite shirt just to realize that it’s starting to lose its color and beginning to get those little-worn fuzzies on it. Then after that, you start to notice this on all your clothing and begin to wonder how in the world you are supposed to keep up with your wardrobe when everything becomes worn out so easily? Here are some tips on how to make your clothes last as long as possible.

1. Pay Close Attention to Washing Instructions

It can be pesky, time-consuming, annoying, but simply paying close attention to the washing instructions for each individual article of clothing will help your clothes last a lot longer in the long run.

Depending on the material and size of the clothing, the washing can vary. Some pieces need to be washed in warm water and other in cold, some even require hot water. The next step in the process is drying, some articles do bets in the dryer while others are better off to be line dried to prevent shrinkage and heat damage. Some clothing with a higher-end material, thicker material, or mixed material will require hand-washing or dry-cleaning.

One of the easiest steps you can take to make your clothes last as long as possible is simply washing them as directed on the tag.

2. Use Fabric Softener

Have you ever taken your clothes out of the washer, dryer, or off your drying rack and notice they are clean, but also stiff? This is where fabric softener comes into play.

Fabric softener does exactly as it sounds like it would, it softens the fabric of your clothing to give it that fresh and soft feeling every time you wear it. Just be sure to check the washing instructions before using fabric softener with your load, because some pieces of clothing will specify not to use it.

There are many different brands of fabric softener to choose from such as wollwaschmittel which you can purchase online. On the same note, although the use of fabric softener is amazing, keep how much you use to a minimum. Using too much fabric softener can cause fabric thinning and fading.

3. Use a Delicates Bag

If you don’t have on already, a delicates bag is a must-have. You can use a delicates bag for clothes that are sensitive to other materials or have clips that snag and damage your other clothing.

They are commonly used for bras and intimate wear, or any pieces of clothing that have fragile details, to avoid getting them tangled up in the wash and causing damage.

4. Don’t Use a Lot of Detergents

I know this sounds backward, but like fabric softener, using an excessive amount of laundry detergent can cause more damage than good to your clothes. To prevent wear on your clothing from laundry detergent, use one half to three-quarters of the recommended amount for your load size. Your clothes will come out just as clean and fresh, just not as much wear and tear over time.

If you happen to notice the fresh and clean smell isn’t as strong when you lower your detergent dose, purchase laundry scent boosters from any store that carries detergent and softener to make up for the difference.

5. Use Wooden Hangers

One major issue causing clothing items to wear down so fast is surprisingly the kind of hangers you use. Using velvet, plastic, or metal hangers can cause stretching to the neckline of the material, causing your clothes to have a saggier fit around the shoulders and chest. Using wooden hangers will allow the clothing to move and slide on and off the hangers without stretching out the material.

6. Learn Basic Sewing and Mending Skills

If your clothing is in good condition but just has a simple nick or rip, the solution is simple! There’s no need to completely scrap the clothing or spending your money purchasing a new one. All you have to do is learn basic sewing and mending skills and fix it yourself. You can find tons of tutorials online on any kind of stitch or sewing that you need to do. The supplies shouldn’t cost much money and the pay-off of being able to keep your clothes longer will save a ton.


In the end, all clothing does have an expiration date that is inevitable. But if we can postpone that date with a little extra effort and time, it’s way worth it. Most of the ways to make your clothes last longer are simple and minimal efforts that only require a few seconds of your time, but add months to years to the life of your clothing.


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