Properties and caloric content of oatmeal: the secrets of “beauty porridge”

Properties and caloric content of oatmeal: the secrets of

Oatmeal porridge for breakfast is a wonderful start to the day. Let us explain why. Being very affordable and extremely easy to prepare, water oatmeal is a wonderful dietary dish. It is rich in vitamins and other valuable substances for the body. A bowl of oatmeal can provide a person with a burst of energy for several hours, without loading with excess calories.

Everyone who cares about his health and the harmony of the body, can not leave this product without due attention. In this case, everyone is certainly interested in how many calories does water oatmeal contain?

Caloric content of water porridge

Oatmeal porridge in the form of dry flakes contains only about 305 kcal per 100 g. Accordingly, if you cook on water such a quantity of the product, without adding sugar or oil, the number of calories will remain unchanged. At the output, you will obtain two good portions of a nutritious and tasty dish. Thus, you can once again make sure that if you are on a diet, then the water oatmeal is actual for you, where the calorie content is really very small.

Speech, in this case, is about those flakes, the cooking time of which is at least 15 minutes. If it is from them that oatmeal is prepared, the caloric value and benefit of such porridge are balanced in an optimal way. Many people, in the absence of free time, prefer to buy flakes of instant cooking or those that do not require cooking at all. This option is difficult to call acceptable if a person’s priority is health and harmony. The benefits of oatmeal porridge, made in a mug of boiling water, are minimized, and the kilocalorie in it is more numerous.

Benefits and effects on the body

The composition of such a simple product as oat flakes contains an impressive set of elements needed by the body:

  • amino acids;
  • organic acids;
  • B-group vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins A and E;
  • vitamins PP and K.

Properties and caloric content of oatmeal: the secrets of "beauty porridge"

This is not the whole list!

Oatmeal porridge is a real healer for the digestive system, especially recommended to those who suffer from any disturbances in this area. At the first sign of gastritis, the treating doctor usually immediately appoints a sparing diet to the patient. In the menu, there must be oatmeal cooked on the water.

This dish has enveloping properties, thanks to which it is able to produce a pronounced soothing effect on the irritated gastric mucosa and intestinal walls. One portion of oatmeal cooked in the water in the morning is an excellent means of preventing digestive and obesity diseases. It is important to note the following.

  • Despite the abundance of carbohydrates, with which the oatmeal is saturated, its calorie content is quite small. They belong to the most remarkable “complex” carbohydrates. Digested for a long time, the substances gradually replenish the energy reserve, not turning into a hateful fat.
  • Everyone knows that the condition of the skin largely depends on the health of the digestive tract. This suggests the following conclusion. Eating oatmeal helps maintain an attractive skin and lack of cosmetic problems, such as acne. The product cleanses the body of harmful cholesterol, slags, and other chemical debris.
  • In order to bones, hair, and nails to be strong and healthy, it is also very useful to eat this wonderful porridge.
  • Oatmeal porridge has a beneficial effect on the heart, liver, and kidneys, and also increases brain efficiency.
  • The vegetable protein contained in oatmeal is very easily absorbed by the body, which makes this product especially valuable for people who adhere to a healthy diet and avoid the use of animal proteins.

Do you need supplements to brighten the taste of cereal?

If someone is accustomed to absorbing milk sweet porridge, lavishly sprinkled with butter, and even a snack with a loaf, the extra pounds, and inches at the waist will not take long to wait, and various diseases will appear with them. It is better to become accustomed to healthy eating from childhood so that later it does not have to be difficult to change the already existing eating behavior.

Whatever it was, it’s never too late to start, and for this, it is worth asking how many calories are in oatmeal if you still cook it on a daily basis. When the milk is not too fat, a portion of 200 g will contain about 240-250 kcal. And if you add more and a cube of butter, then in a bowl there will be almost 300 kcal. The difference is already quite noticeable! However, this is unlikely to add benefit, but will bring a lot of harm!

Properties and caloric content of oatmeal: the secrets of "beauty porridge"

Instead of experiencing how many calories are in oatmeal, but at the same time not being able to refuse gastronomic delights, it is better to replace products of animal origin (butter, milk) in the recipe of porridge with no less delicious fillers. These can be seeds, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, honey. The oatmeal porridge with fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, slices of a banana and an apple is delicious.

Of course, these supplements contain a certain amount of calories, but it is compensated by the undeniable benefits of these products. But, for example, oatmeal porridge, cooked with sweet and fragrant pumpkin, almost does not differ in calorie content from a dish boiled on the water – only 94 kcal.

Alternative to porridge

You can eat oat flakes with great pleasure, bypassing the cooking process by side. Instead of buying ready muesli for a rather high cost in stores, why not to make a nutritional mix by yourself, based on your own preferences?

There is nothing easier than to take a handful of oatmeal, several kinds of nuts, a few pumpkins and sunflower seeds, a little raisin, mix all the ingredients and add fresh juice or smoothies from vegetables and fruits, a drop of honey.

It will not just be a healthy breakfast, but a real vitamin bomb! Energy will beat over the edge until lunchtime. And it’s impossible to tell about how tasty these breakfasts turn out to be in words, it is necessary to try and experiment. By the way, the absence of heat treatment of food is one more step on the way to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.


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