First Home Dilemmas: Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

First Home Dilemmas: Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

Buying furniture for your first home is both exciting and challenging, you want to make the most out of your new space by fitting pieces that complement every room. You’ll need a dining table, kitchen supplies, sofa, beds and a lot more, you have lots of choices and a blank canvas to work on.

Here are some tips for selecting the right furniture for your new home.

Dining Table

It is arguably the most important feature in your home when you entertain guests in your kitchen or eat breakfast with the family, you’ll want to do it on an attractive, sturdy dining table. If you want to make a statement, why not contact a company who specialise in custom-made dining tables in Melbourne. If you plan on spending a little extra on some of the most important furniture in your home, a custom-made dining table should be first on the list.

Nothing transforms the look of your new property more than buying a stylish new dining table for your kitchen area. It doesn’t have to be too big, a chic design which is both classy and practical is perfect for a new home. When purchasing a dining table, you must remember to add comfortable chairs, this gives your kitchen its finishing touch. You’re dining table is probably the most used piece of furniture in your house along with your bed, so you should buy a high-quality piece.

Bed & Mattress

Many first-time homeowners make the mistake of buying a good bed, then go cheap on a mattress. If you buy a good, solid foundation, why cover it with a flimsy mattress. You spend at least 6 to 8 hours a night lying in your bed, that’s not counting the time you spend relaxing in your room during the day. If you buy an inexpensive mattress that is lumpy and squeaks with every movement of your body, it’ll annoy you every single night till you end up throwing it out and buying a good quality one.

Don’t waste time on a substandard, cheap mattress. If you are going to splurge, a good bed and a comfortable mattress are very important.

Wardrobes and Nightstands

Your bedroom furniture should be of good quality, you’ll be storing your clothes in your wardrobe and using your nightstand to put on makeup etc., so you should avoid buying flimsy pieces of furniture that will fall apart in a matter of months. If you’ve just invested in a new property, chances are you’ll be there for the long run, so why not buy good quality bedroom furniture?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get decent bedroom furniture, just make sure it is held together with nails and not staples. Staples aren’t as strong as nails and they can easily get damaged over the course of a few months.

Purchase Quality Items

It is important to do some research to ensure you are getting the most for your money. If you’re working off a tight budget, try to choose important pieces to splurge on, items which should be considered include all the pieces mentioned above along with your sofa, windows, and interior décor. Finding a high-quality furniture supplier is the key to filling your home with durable, attractive pieces of furniture. Suppliers such as European Leather Gallery online are the best in terms of providing you proper value for the money you spend.

Decorating a new home is a great experience, you’ve had the chance to put your stamp on your own place, creating a concept that suits your taste and personality. You should know your overall budget and do your best to stick to it, concentrate on buying key pieces of furniture before you purchase any other home accessories.


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