Online database design tool- what is it and why to use?

Online database design tool- what is it and why to use?

As you know that a good database design is necessary for working with the database in a better way. Also, it will help reduce maintenance costs as well as provide the mechanism of the better communication channel between users and also reduce the time & effort of the user to carry out a task. Database designing tool is a tool which provides aid in the construction of a complex data model along with considering effective measures to create a high-performance database.  Here we will discuss the database design tool and the online design modeler. Read carefully and you will come to know what the need of good database is.

In database designing, there is included a number of phases and the process of designing the database by ramotion web design agencies is performed in association with application design. Some of the important phases are given below

Collecting requirement as well as their analysis-

Online database design tool- what is it and why to use? tag cloud Here in this phase, the needs are collected as well as their analysis is carried out. The needs can be anything like the data related and functional requirements.

Initiating the conceptual design-

once, the requirements are gathered, a conceptual scheme is build up for the database and the results of it come out as ERD or entity relationship diagram or else UMS class diagram.

Initiation of the logical design-

In this, the relational schemes are designed and this means that the concept of foreign and the primary keys come in a picture as the element of this phase.

Heading towards the normalization process-

As soon as the logical design is completed, the normalization process is started so as to eliminate the redundancy from a database which means to avoid duplication of any data in the database.

Physical design-

Lastly, the database physical design is created and here it is essential to know that which DBMS or database system is used. In addition, the data which is needed to be stored in the database are added in the database.

To design the correct database modeling tools like ER, EER, as well as a use case, are useful. Now let us understand the importance of data modeling.

Data modeling is a tool which is useful in communicating among the developers as well as the users of the database. Also, it is a helpful tool in identifying the designing issues as well as other issues before starting the actual design method.  Thus, we can say that the data model is the same as a blueprint of a recently constructing building. You can see that builders never start building without the proper blueprint. Although the changes are done during developing proves yet the basic foundation remains similar.

The significance of the ER diagram in the designing-

Online database design tool- what is it and why to use?

ER diagrams come into the type of data modeling. It shows the entity in the database as well as the relationship among tables.  This graphical representation aids to understanding that how the database works with the data flow and interactions.  It does not matter that how large or small is the database, the concept of the entity and the relationship remains the same.

3 basic component of the ER diagram-

  • Entity
  • Attribute
  • Relationship

Example, in a fell race database, the entity is identified to be race and the attribute is identified to be the year of the race. Here, an entity corresponds with the table of the database as well as attributes correspond with a column of a specific table. The errors which occur while designing the ER diagram are given below-

  • Missing constraints
  • Unexpressed constraints because of the bad design
  • Missing key to a particular entity type
  • Linking attributes with the incorrect entry type
  • Misuse of subclasses
  • Putting invalid constrains
  • Utilizing foreign keys in the place of relationship
  • Use the EER diagram in the modeling-

EER diagram is an identical tool to ER diagram exception for some differences. It is identified as the developed model of ER diagram.  EER is equivalent to ER plus the hierarchical relationship meaning the relationship among the super class and the subclass.

Another step is transferring of the ER or EER diagram in well-structured relations. The relational table will be made up of the one or more than one tables or the relations. After this mapping is done in such a way that there is no duplication of the data, this is also known as the data redundancy.

Data redundancy can create issues due to following reasons-

  • Disk space is wasted
  • Entering the identical data over and again is a waste of time
  • Data redundancy enhances the probability of the occurrence of the errors
  • Errors can occur while retrieving data
  • Affect the performance of the entire system
  • When updating, eliminating data, multiple rows are to be considered
  • To avoid data redundancy normalization is the processed utilized.
  • The significance of the use case diagram in the designing-

These are used in an analysis stage of designing proves. The main aim of the diagram of the use case is for Identifying system functionality.  The use case divides the system in a use case as well as an actor.

Need of the good database design-

Online database design tool- what is it and why to use? boxing

As good as well as effective database design helps in the development team to eliminate the cost as well as the time taken for the entire development. By making the good data model as well as following the right process helps in the development team to appreciate user requirement clearly as well as accurately.

So this was all about the database designing tool, its use, and characteristics. Now that you know what is this tool and what is it use you can also make use of this tool and create the database design which is effective and help the team to decrease time as well as the cost of development.

If you are now thinking what is the need of good database design for business then read below-given points you will come to know it-

  • Centralization of system
  • Helps in efficient inventory tracking
  • Managing customer data as well as the relationship
  • Planning for growth

If you are in need of the designing database then use the online database design tool. You can easily get the tools online but make sure you choose the appropriate one for designing.


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