How to Find an After Hours Doctor

How to Find an After Hours Doctor

A medical emergency can arise at any point in life. One should be prepared at all times for such sudden emergencies. After the usual visiting hours, finding a doctor can become difficult. That’s when after hours doctors provide you help. But, how to know which doctor to opt for while finding an after hour doctor? Don’t worry this article will help you to know how to find an after-hours doctor.

Know a doctor personally

One best way to see a doctor when required is by making some good personal contacts with few. This is considered to be one best way. I am sure many of you already have a family doctor whom you know personally. But, confirm if they are well qualified. It will be even better if you have a relative or friend who is a doctor. You should have a doctor specialized in surgery, general practice or psychiatry.

Get to know Doctor’s staff personally

Doctors are usually quite malleable and are more cooperative with their staff. If your family contact or friends are working for a doctor then you can take their reference as a help. The doctor extends their hand for help by going out of their way to treat a staff member person.

Take help from your regular doctor

For every primary care doctor, it becomes an ethical obligation to provide after hour care to their patients. While some people prefer going to a local after hour clinic, the best way to find a solution to your after hour needs is by calling the doctor and taking his advice to treat it accordingly. Doctors also extend their working hours in case of an emergency. In that case, you can directly reach to them for a medical help.

Visit a 24×7 hour clinic (Super Clinic)

These types of clinics are usually open all hours. Staff availability is usually more after hours in such clinics. Quality of staff can be a bit different with the change of shifts. These clinics can be approached for providing primary care to patients for cold, flu and sprain. These hospitals provide you with the first-hand help for emergencies as well. The appointment system in such hospitals can vary but usually, you have to wait until it’s your turn. These hospitals are considered to be a good place to approach for any deteriorating condition. Cases like acute chest pain or asthma and other emergencies can be assessed by the hospital staff. For one time appointment, it is a good place to attend but, not for regular appointments.

Call a locum service

Locum services are well provided to provide primary care. These services are usually paid. This again will ask for an unpredictable amount of time depending upon what time it is taking to treat patients before you. However, this wait can be made in your own house for your doctor to visit you. This can be one best option for people who can’t go to the doctor because of any reason. These locum doctors temporarily treat you but later communicate your condition to your regular doctor. Locum doctors or after hour doctors are best in case you don’t know how ill you are. You can call an ambulance if your condition seems to deteriorate.

I hope all the above points make your search for an after-hours doctor easy. In case of any doubt or query, do let us know through your comments below.


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