Here Are The Different Specialization Of Electricians To Choose From!

Here Are The Different Specialization Of Electricians To Choose From!

Emergencies come unannounced and catch you off-guard. Same goes for electrical emergency. You never know when the circuit of your house or workplace will trip or overloading will cause a small spark. Even things as minute as flickering lights and damaged connection can cause huge inconvenience in your day-to-day life. However this doesn’t mean you should take things into your hands. Without proper knowledge and experience, handling electrical circuits is not a wise thing to do. Electricity can be extremely unpredictable and can cost you your life.

This is when electricians come into the picture. No matter how large and small the electrical complication is, they will have the right skill and equipment to fix it in no time. As electrical emergency can happen anytime – so, the electricians generally offer service all throughout day as well as in night time. There are various companies that provide skilled and licensed electricians in Camden. London Electricians 24/7 LTD is one of the top-rated emergency electricians in London. They guarantee to deliver work with 100% efficiency and takes pride in their zero customer complaints. Your satisfaction is their top priority.

  •  Various specializations of electricians:

Just like any other work profile, electricians have specializations too. An electrician might have expertise in a particular thing and might not be well acquainted with a certain set of problems. So before hiring an electrician, you should exactly know the purpose. Even if it is not very evident, you should be able to describe the situation explicitly while making the call. Here are the various specializations that electricians have:

o   Residential electricians: This is the most common type of electricians. They mainly work in homes and their projects range from fixing a broken socket to installing and planning new wiring for putting in a ceiling fan. They work in condos, apartments, houses and in other residential buildings to install fixtures and lightings on roofs, patios etc. They may either work independently or for a contractor.

o   Commercial electricians: Commercial electricians specialize in working on electrical systems in commercial buildings, stores and offices. This job has a bigger scope than residential electricians, especially in installations. These electricians are most likely to work under an electrical company or a private company rather than as individual contractors. Their work includes troubleshooting of electrical systems, upgrading and installation.

o   Industrial electricians: Theses electricians also work on big projects, but their projects are mainly in industrial facilities like processing plants or factories. Their work includes usage of large machineries, programmable logic centres which are special computer systems that control features like lighting and other industrial processes, security systems and manufacturing systems.

o   Maintenance electricians: Instead of working on new buildings, these electricians focus on upgrading, repairing and maintenance of the existing electrical systems. Their work spans over a wide range of area, from residencies to factories. Some private companies often hire a long-term maintenance electrician to make sure that all their electrical systems and equipment are working properly to their optimum.

o   Installation electricians: Construction or installation electricians install electrical systems in newly constructed buildings (unlike the maintenance electricians). They specialize in setting up all the wirings and the new electrical systems in a building for cooling, heating, security, lighting and many more. They may work on commercial, residential and industrial projects.

These are the few basic specializations of electricians. Apart from these, there is many more kind. You have to assess your need for electrician before hiring the right kind for your job. You need to make sure that the electrician you hire has the speciality and the required skills in handling the particular situation.


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