Biggest Mistakes People Make While Ordering a Dumpster

Biggest Mistakes People Make While Ordering a Dumpster

If you are undergoing a home renovation project or simply want to clean or garage or basement, a lot of junk is emitted in the process. Cleaning the mess yourself is quite a stressful endeavor considering the sheer amount of junk that generates from such an endeavor.

But this becomes much easier if you hire a dumpster rental service for disposing the garbage. Having a big dumpster around helps a lot when your home is under renovation or you are simply cleaning the place. We all need somewhere to put our waste, whether it’s monthly. daily or suddenly in demand. The trick is to find good people that can help set up a dumpster for you, like the people employed over at With quick set-up, you will be able to start organizing your trash from the get-go.

Now if you are ordering a dumpster for the first time in your life it is not unnatural to make a few mistakes. Many people who hire dumpsters for the very first make some common mistakes that ultimately cost them a lot more money than they estimated. To prevent you from making such mistakes, in this article we have compiled a list of the biggest mistakes people tend to make while renting a dumpster. Check the list out to prevent yourself from making such mistakes.

1. Ordering a dumpster that’s too small

It is one of the common mistakes people make while ordering a dumpster. Dumpsters are available in various shapes and sizes such as 10 yards, 20 yards and as big as a 40-yard dumpster. Generally, people tend to overestimate the size of the dumpster and ultimately end up with a dumpster smaller than your requirements.

Keep in mind that if you order a smaller sized dumpster that doesn’t meet your needs you are likely to spend a larger sum of money. A smart decision will be to order a relatively bigger sized dumpster although it may cost a little more than smaller ones you will not be paying an unnecessary amount of money for excess capacity of garbage.

2. Renting from the first company that comes across

It is a common mistake beginners make while renting a dumpster. Novices tend to think that all the dumpster companies offer the same services and go about ordering from the first company to come across.

It is essential to know that various companies offer different pricing, weight and time limits for their services. It is crucial that you do your research before ordering the dumpster so that you can lend yourself a dumpster at a reasonable rate.

Here is additional advice on how to rent a dumpster and who to rent it from:

3. Rental period

Pay attention to the rental period a dumpster service has to offer. People who are ordering a dumpster for the first time tend to not pay attention to the rental period that a dumpster company offers. It is not beneficial to rent a dumpster only to find out you have run out of time before the trash fills in your time.

So before you rent a dumpster pay particular attention to the company’s rental period policy, also make sure to know if the company schedules a pickup automatically or schedule the pickup yourself.

4. Not obtaining permits

Another common mistake people make while ordering a dumpster is not obtaining permits or obtaining the incorrect permits. Depending on the area you live in, you might have to obtain permits to place a dumpster in your property especially if it blocks the sidewalk or street nearby. If you fail to obtain a permit you might get a ticket as well as a fine.

So before you order a dumpster make sure you know about the area guidelines and regulations while burrowing a dumpster.


While these mistakes may not appear to be of a bigger magnitude but they can definitely cause to spend a lot of your hard earned money. Read the articles carefully so that you don’t end up making these mistakes while you are about to order a dumpster.


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