How To Organize an Amazing Stag Party – Tips and Tricks

How To Organize an Amazing Stag Party - Tips and Tricks

Traditionally, the responsibility falls to the best man but you can always include the groom into the whole planning process – it is his bachelor night after all. Remember, there are no written rules to how this event or mini holiday is supposed to look like so use your imagination and get cracking. If you do not know where to start, don’t panic. Although organizing a stag party/weekend ain’t no picnic, here are some quick points to consider, which can put everything in perspective. Start with…


First up in the space-time continuum is the location. The groom might have an inkling where he wants to spend his last weekend as a single man but never overestimate his capabilities. Best to ask him some questions to pinpoint your exact stag do location, such as:

  • Do you want to stay in the country or go international?
  • Are you considering going overseas?
  • What about Europe and some of the best stag do capitals, such as Budapest, Riga, Hamburg or Krakow?
  • How long should the action-packed weekend last?
  • Are there any in-laws coming or other VIP personas?


Although it can seem there is plenty of time to get everything covered, you’d be surprised how quickly it will pass. And before you know it, the whole plan can get knocked out of shape at the very last notice. To tackle this issue, you need some good coordination skills. Start with:

  • Getting everything prepped up at least a couple of weeks before bachelor D-day, especially if you have to book flights.
  • Give the groom enough time to catch his breath and recover from the stag party or weekend so you can return him ready and fresh for his soon-to-be-wife.
  • Book early, especially if you are traveling abroad because you can get great deals and have enough time to deal with any sudden changes in your stag line-up.

Avoiding clashes

Bear in mind that the groom will be extra busy those couple of weeks before marriage so try to make sure there are no schedule clashes. Book everything ahead of time and get acquainted with everyone’s agenda. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the weather an important factor?
  • Is there anything happening that weekend that you should be aware of?
  • Are other events, such as the hen do, weddings or birthdays happening at that time?
  • Is it perchance a public holiday?

Of course, it is vital that you check with every attendee about their schedules but know that everything has to be adapted to the groom’s plans, nevertheless.

Get the details ready

Although it can seem unimportant at first, those details can make a huge difference between your regular stag party and an epic one. If you want to do the best man job well, try covering the following bases for maximum effect.

  • Transport arrangements
  • Stag activities
  • Dress code
  • Dares, challenges, and cheeky gifts like sex toys for guys
  • Places to wine and dine
  • Check-ins and -outs

And most importantly of all, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork with you (i.e. visas, insurance, vouchers, etc.)

Budget, value, and needs

If you have someone in your crew with special needs or injuries, try to make arrangements which won’t restrict them from all the fun or put them at potential risk, too. For instance, should your list include elderly people/relatives, will they be able to do some hardcore, heart-pumping activities?

Another thing to consider is the budget and the value of this expedition because not everybody shares the same size of their wallets. Certain financial circumstances can put you in an awkward situation so try to manage the price point so that everyone feels comfortable without sacrificing the quality of your stag activities. It is up to your creativity.

Gather the crew

Managing your entourage is also in your stag do work description so make sure there is no deficit of the boys (and girl-buddies for that matter) in your bachelor gang. You will need a system to collect the funds without having to chase payment from everyone.

Keep in touch with everyone via Facebook/WhatsApp/any social media group and allow everyone to be updated with replies and arrangement progression. Keep the crew in the loop and make regular contact, especially if certain changes occur.

Finally, when in doubt…

You can always ask the experts for help. There are many stag and hen do event/travel organizers and planners who can pitch in with ideas, recommendations, and suggestions if time or money is short. This weekend is supposed to be of epic proportions so any outside help is welcome. If you feel you have everything in your hands, kudos to you – keep at it! However, know that you can always share the burden with either your friends or the pros should the whole process prove to be too much. The goal here is to make the groom happy so be the best man he deserves.


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