Stylishly Designed Garden Pods- Innovative Extension of Your Outdoor Space

urban garden pods

Nobody can say no to a garden pod; these sleek buildings will grace any garden. They’re designed with the aim of creating extra space, usually in your backyard. The garden pods by urbanpods are created based on a customer’s personal needs. Visit to check out the latest range of garden pods that are designed with cutting-edge technology.

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Urbanpods uses the best material and partners with the best consultants and engineers to offer superior quality garden pods that are fully functional and fully insulated. This means that the pods can be used all through the year regardless of what the temperatures outside are. On a windy day and hot day, these pods can be rotated to avoid chilly breezes or to make the most of shade respectively.

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Built Specifically For You

Whether you need somewhere to study or just space where you can get away for some alone time, urbanpods has got you covered. They create bespoke garden pods that suit each and every one of their customers’ unique lifestyle.

urban garden pods deck

Since all the designs are customized according to the user’s specifications, they are able to seamlessly fit into the surrounding landscape. Urbanpods lets their customers choose the design and materials to be used in the construction of the pod.

Garden pods provide a quiet pocket away from your usual living space in your main house. Garden pods tend to not require so much planning. They also don’t have foundations; this makes them fast to install. A garden pod can be delivered to you within one to two weeks after building.

urban garden pods porch

The pods feature a beautiful finish and have light fittings as well. For a truly personalized space, you need to furnish it to match the purpose which it’s intended to serve.

No matter how small your garden is, urbanpods will find a solution for you. These pods are portable and do take some effort to dissemble and re-assemble after relocated.

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What’s more is that the pods feature a power supply which can support lighting and other appliances.

urban garden pods yard

What are garden pods used for?

The garden pods can be used for a wide range of activities. For example, they can be used as an outdoor garden office; these mimic an office environment and give the much needed quiet and peace of mind for concentrating.

urban garden pods

A garden pods can also be used as a summer house, a play den for your kids, a hobby room, or a teenage hangout. The pods are large enough to accommodate your furnishing for a wide range of uses whether in a residential or commercial setting.

urban garden pods glass door

Other possibilities of their uses are:

·         Entertainment Room

·         Backyard Lounge

·         Man Cave

·         Yoga Studio

·         Beauty Room

·         Dining Room

·         Camping

·         Extra bedroom for your guests

·         Outdoor kitchen for barbequing

·         Laundry Room

Why Urbanpods?

urban garden pods alone

Urbanpods specialized in giving a special look and feel to your outdoor space. They give you extra space whenever you need it. If you need other reasons why you should choose Urbanpods, we have a bunch of reasons for you:

  1. Value for your money
  2. Flexibility and variety
  3. First class architectural designs
  4. Engineered structure
  5. A highly experienced team
  6. Affordable prices
  7. Sustainability
  8. High levels of safety
  9. Energy Efficient
  10. Superior end product

Urbanpods looks at creating the ideal garden room with contemporary style that blends perfectly with its surroundings. It’s for this reason that they insist on the finest natural materials for the exterior. As soon as you step inside, you’ll discover a wealth of luxury features and clever ideas that are clearly, well-thought-out.

urban garden pods construction

The garden pods by Urbanpods are eco-friendly. They’re constructed using sustainable materials that generate virtually no waste. The material that is used for insulation ensures that no heat is lost from inside the pod so you don’t have to worry about the temperatures going below normal and interrupting your comfort.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that a typical garden pod costs a third of what a traditional home extension would cost you. So this is definitely a cheaper way of extending your home. In addition to it being an affordable investment, getting a garden pod adds value to your property.

urban garden pods shining

It’s about time you enhanced your lifestyle with these beautiful masterpieces that make the most of every inch.


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