Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature

Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature

We are all so fortunate in Africa to be surrounded by beauty with all its natural attractions.  You can’t help but fall in love with Africa and all it has to offer.  We desperately need to get out of the rat race from time to time and go on a journey that soothes the soul and rejuvenates us. This journey can be anything from game parks, waterfalls, hiking, visiting a small town, taking walks along the coast or a forest, whatever helps you to relax and take in the beauty. Getting in touch with nature and beauty does just that.

Visit Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is surrounded by beauty and nature and is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is known to be the largest waterfall in the world, especially during the wet/rainy season when the Zambezi river virtually bursts from the high volume of water. These powerful waters run over the rocky cliffs of the crevasse between Zambia and Zimbabwe, known as the Victoria Falls. The force of the falls sends up a cloud of vapor that looks like a misty vale that can leave one feeling like they have just walked through a fine shower. This is truly a unique experience, one you should not miss for the world if you are visiting Africa. One can enter either through the Zimbabwean side or the Zambian side.

Go on a safari

Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature sunset One must-do while in Africa, is a safari experience. It certainly is one of the best ways to get in touch with the wild and you will be left in complete awe of nature. Africa is known for its abundance of wildlife which meander across the great open plains of the African continent. While well-known safari places such as Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania are a great option, you should not forget about the exclusive private game reserves that offer fantastic safari experiences in the lap of luxury and surrounded by magical landscapes. There is luxury accommodation in the Karoo which offers visitors an unparalleled wildlife adventure packed with extraordinary wildlife sightings, and with a backdrop that’s nothing short of breathtaking. Most times travelers forget about the hidden gems and instead flock to the places that are the most popular, however, if you do your research you’ll be able to find a plethora of luxurious reserves that pride themselves on the exclusivity they’re able to offer compared to the busy, tourist hotspots of other safari destinations.

Go on a hike

Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature fog

What better way to reconnect than a hike in nature. While there are so many lovely hiking trails throughout the continent, on the of favorites is Table Mountain/Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town South Africa. Either, you can be a little ambitious and scale the great Table Mountain (the view from the top is well worth it), or you can hike along the various other trails that run through Table Mountain National Park. There are footpaths from Deer Park in Vredehoek, Kirstenbosch Gardens and Newlands Forest and many more. Many love to do the walk up Lions Head too, and again the views are magnificent. There are also lovely caves along the way and the pictures are just beautiful.

Green fingers

Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature potting

Reconnecting with nature is of its most intimate when you get down and dirty in the sand and give back to mother earth by either planting beautiful flowers or a lovely fruit or shady tree. It is so rewarding to start a veggie garden and watching your vegetables grow and end up on the dinner table. Nothing quite tastes like something you have nurtured, loved and grown yourself, it is also a way of making extra money or giving back to the community who are struggling to make ends meet. It makes a great gift to friends as well if you make up a basket of lovely fresh vegetables.

Go Scuba Diving

Five of the Best Ways to Get in Touch with Nature scuba dive

From land to sea, this is not always everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can manage it is so worthwhile. A diver often has a favorite place where he likes to dive for different reasons. Some divers enjoy just going into the water to clear their minds and they enjoy the underwater beauty around them; others enjoy exploring, finding underwater caves or abandoned shipwrecks. No matter where you are in Africa, as long as you are close to the ocean, you will find a place to scuba dive. Check with your travel guide as to which areas are the best for scuba diving.


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