Sun Protective Girls Swim Shorts

Sun Protective Girls Swim Shorts

When looking at girls sun protection clothing, one item that can be overlooked is a pair of matching girls swim shorts that is also UPF sun protective. This can help offer really good sun protection which will cover her a bit more than just wearing a sun protective top. Having something that covers from the waist to the thigh level can be a great idea as it gives you more peace of mind that you are providing a good level of sun protection and less exposed skin.

At Cat & I, our main focus is sun protection and designing really functional pieces that look great, fit well as well as provide a high level of sun protection. Our garments are UPF 50+ which means that they have got a high rating of sun protection. UPF 50+ means that they cn help protect form up to 98% of all the UVA and UVB rays that are prevalent especially during the warmer months.

Our girls swim shorts Australia have been designed to match our rash guard tops which means that they look great when worn together. The prints and colours have been purposely chosen to be not only highly visible but also fun and stylish. The shorts sizing is true to size and they have got 2 methods of fastening. The waist elastic provides a great fit and then coupled with the draw string, it can help secure them especially if they are slightly too big waiting for her to grow into them. This provides good peace of mind that as she is running around and darting in and out of the water, they will stay firmly in place.

For full and ultimate sun protection, a good rule of thumb is to follow the suggestions of the Cancer Council which states that using a high-level SPF sunscreen on exposed areas of skin, sun protective clothing, a wide brim hat and shade during the middle of the day. This is so important especially for young ones as their skin is so delicate. It has also been stated by the Cancer Council that sun burn in a child’s younger years can actually dramatically increase their chances of developing a skin cancer in the later years. It has been suggested that 1 in 3 Australians and 1 in 5 Americans will develop a skin cancer by the time they are 70 years old. Pretty scary facts and just shows that teaching your young ones now about the importance of sun protection will be a great lesson for life.

Using sun protection clothing and in particular sun protective girls swim shorts Australia can help provide that so important sun protection and the more they cover up, the better for their health. Our collection of girls swim shorts have been designed to match the gorgeous girl rash guards and they look fabulous together as well as comfortable, lightweight and quick drying.


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