Global Packaging Trends Moving Towards Healthy, Green Packages

Global Packaging Trends Moving Towards Healthy, Green Packages

As per the Global Packaging Trends Reports, it is known that sustainability, wellness and health factors are actually bringing changes in the packaging landscape.

These days, people are health conscious and wish to move towards eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly and also green packaging are bringing in innovation and developments in various global packaging trends. This is in perfect alignment with different kinds of sustainable products, which are premium and healthy. This is as per the latest report from Euromonitor and PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

What does the global packaging report state?

Well, before we get into details about the global packaging trends, it is to be noted here that as per a recent survey, it is noticed that consumers are showing keen interest in eco-friendly packages and green packaging material. As a result, the global packaging trend is moving towards a greener packaging industry because manufacturers will only produce those goods, or packages which are in demand at the moment.

It is known that consumers are now moving quickly towards healthier lifestyles. Products like sour milk and yogurt should be packaged in eco-friendly packages. There are various kinds of packaging material like shaped liquid cartons, brick cartons, PET bottles and various types of thin wall plastic containers. All these products are witnessing a steady growth in demand, as per a recent study. Experts reveal “PET bottles offer brands the opportunity to differentiate themselves on the shelves to attract consumers with more unique labeling and product information,”

Food Industry and Eco-Friendly Products:

Consumers in different parts of the world are looking forward to various healthy products. In fact, snack products require eco-friendly food storage containers. These are usually small packages which offer great portability. These products are easy to carry because of their simple design and their easy to carry feature. For instance, as per a recent study, it is revealed that in North America, stand-up pouches or plastic pouches are one of the most in demand packages. These are now available in different kinds of packages. Eco-friendly packages are available for dried fruits, processed food, mixes, seeds, nuts and confectionery products. As per experts, “Plastic pouches align with consumers’ demands for convenient packaging types that offer portion control and also fit consumers’ on-the-go lifestyles,” Health conscious buyers often look forward to various kinds of premium products. Packaging involved use of natural materials or eco-friendly products.

Flexible Plastic Packages:

These flexible plastic packages offer smart packaging solutions. These packages are lightweight and quite flexible. They are known to meet the demand of customers in developing countries where the need of eco-friendly products is felt the most. Flexible plastic packages will enjoy their continuous demand, because of their availability in different sizes. Cost conscious people, with reduced disposable income will purchase these products in bulk sizes or might be in smaller packaging sizes, if they feel the need. Flexible packages are quite in demand since they are of single use, they offer great convenience and are in great demand.

With such trends, it is expected that by the year 2025, there will be a great transformation in the packaging industry. All demands of the buyers can be met with respect to greener environment.


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