DIY Tips For How To Fix Squeaky Floors

DIY Tips For How To Fix Squeaky Floors

It doesn’t matter whether you have a new home or an old one; at some point you’ll hear the creak of a floorboard as someone walks in a different room or up the stairs.

You have two choices at this point; attempt to fix the problem or simply refer to it as part of the character of the house.

Why You get Squeaky Floors

It’s important to note that you can have the very best French oak flooring or a simple vinyl flooring; a squeak is still possible.

A squeak is the result of the sub floor separating from the joists.

In short a small gap has appeared where the original wooden flooring is connected to the joists.

This could be due to a fastening having failed, warped joists, damp or several other reasons. One thing is certain; you’re going to have to act if you want to get rid of the squeak.

Add Shims                                   

It’s easiest to do this from under the floor; if you have access. You can then get a friend to walk over the squeaky area; allowing you to find the right spot.

A shim is a small piece of wood that can be inserted in any gap between the joists and the floor. It will prevent the floor bouncing when it is walked on and stop it squeaking.

It’s a good idea to glue the shim in but don’t force it; you’ll end up lifting the floor and creating a squeak elsewhere.

Construction Adhesive

If the gap between floor and joists is long then you’re better off using construction adhesive to fill the gap. It’s important to make sure the adhesive is worked right into the gap and then left to set before you walk across the squeaky area again; shop now at leading product suppliers.

Add A Board

If your joist is starting to warp or sag then the easiest solution is to nail a new piece of joist to the existing one. This will ensure the floor is touching the joist where it needs to and prevent the bounce in your wood which causes it to squeak.

This is particularly effective if you’re dealing with a plywood floor.

Blocks For Joists

It is possible the squeak is being caused by your joists flexing. This means that they have a long run without adequate support. To stop this type of squeak you merely need to cut some blocks that will fit between the joists. This will prevent them from flexing and get rid of the squeak.


Wood expands and contracts with the heat in your home. This can be the reason why your floors are squeaking; you’ll notice it more as the weather changes. To prevent this add some lubricant to the floor boards; specifically where they join together.

You can actually use talc or powdered soapstone. Pout it across the joints and then place a towel over it. To compact it into the joints you’ll need to walk back and forth over the joint; you’ll hear the squeak get quieter and disappear.


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