How to make Instagram your ally in B2B marketing?

How to make Instagram your ally in B2B marketing?

With nearly 800 million active users worldwide, Instagram is the social network you must bet on in 2018 for your marketing strategy. Indeed, many companies and brands use it to develop their visibility, increase their audience and attract new customers. What are the best B2B tips to know to make Instagram your marketing ally? We reveal everything in this article.

 To use Instagram optimally, you must first heal your profile to attract the curious at first glance. To do this, you will have to sort. What information do you want to put forward? Are these the values ​​of your company? What is your brand image? Which product do you want to highlight? And why not all this at the same time? After all, showing the different facets of your business will help visitors get to know you better and increase your chances to get more followers on Instagram.

  1. The first item you need to check is your profile picture. This is the first image that people will see about your business and, in fact, will have you, “make it count”! It must be recognizable. For example, you can highlight your logo or a photo that breathes the spirit of your brand1.

 If your Instagram profile photo is important, your bio is just as important and you must have more followers. Even you can buy real Instagram followers from ActiveIG.comThis description must be as accurate as possible so that your visitors understand in a few seconds the main activities of your company. In our example, Buffer presents in one sentence his service, which leaves the field free to add a few words on the team.

Finally, do not forget to add a link to your website or page to increase your chances of generating traffic. All of these elements are important for shaping your brand and developing your visibility on Instagram. Take the time to think about the information you want to put forward and how it will appear on your account.

  1. Define your goals

In order to put the odds on your side to attract people to Instagram, you need to set real marketing goals. This will help you better define your strategy and create content that will help you reach your targets. Is your goal to promote your products or services? Or to build an audience? To improve brand awareness? To discover behind the scenes of your company? To share events?

  1. Do not talk about yourself

If you focus your communication on the sale and promotion of your products, you risk losing interest in your targets. If sales must be your engine, it should not be the only fuel for your Instagram posts. Your goal should be to make your business and brand better known to your audience. If you only rely on the promotion of your products, you leave no chance for your visitors to get to know you. Open the doors of your business!

  1. Share original and authentic content

Many companies use royalty-free photos on Instagram to feed their account and be seen. If you want to stand out, use authentic photos that embody the values ​​and spirit of your business.

Do not forget to add your grain of madness! The more creative and original you are, the more points you will score with your audience. Create videos, share photos of your team, fun pictures, etc. Keep in mind that people like to know that they are talking to humans and are curious to get behind the scenes of your business.

But before sharing your content, think first about what your visitors want or want. Do they want to see photos of your events? Visuals related to your corporate culture? Pictures of your products? It’s up to you to identify the desires of your audience by analyzing the performance of your posts. By collecting the data from the posts that have worked the best, you’ll have a better idea of ​​your audience’s interest in a particular content.

  1. Choose your hashtags carefully

Hashtags (a hashtag is a word or group of words following the # character in a tweet, created at the initiative of the message designer, a hashtag is clickable and allows the reader to be redirected to tweets dealing with the same subject) their importance on Instagram because they allow you to link your content to topics or topics related to your industry and thus reach a wider audience. A Track Maven study reveals that posts that contain more than 11 hashtags generate more engagement.


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