Doggy Doors – Pet-Friendly Additions for Any Home

Doggy Doors - Pet-Friendly Additions for Any Home

Many pet lovers feel a house is not truly a home without a few furry friends to greet you when you get home. Like any new family member however, welcoming a new pet into your life requires a number special considerations which may impact the internal and external areas of your home.

According to the housing experts at Hoot Homes, home builders are in the driver’s seat to assist with incorporating pet friendly inclusions into their home designs. Mud rooms and wet rooms are the ideal spots to create pet friendly areas for sleeping, feeding and bathing. By including these considerations at planning stage, pets can be accommodated in style whilst retaining the character and charm of the home.

For those living in established properties, strategically modifying existing rooms can provide pets with comfortable, safe and secure accomodation without becoming an eyesore.

One example of integrating pet friendly design into a new home design is the humble ‘doggy’ door. These can be a stumbling block for buyers looking for sweeping cafe doors at the rear of their homes. By speaking with your house builder at planning stage, a secure access point can be seamlessly incorporated into the home without losing your spectacular glass doors.


Doggy Doors - Pet-Friendly Additions for Any Home

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When attempting to make a home more pet friendly the challenge has always been  to keep your pet comfortable whilst minimising odour and mess. Fortunately, the market is full of innovative ideas which are available to pet owners which can be seamlessly incorporated into any home.

Let’s face it, there is no place a kitty litter looks good. Furniture which is custom built to hide kitty litter boxes is fast becoming popular amongst interior designers. Home builders can provide clever integration of these into cabinetry internally or externally, to minimise the intrusion and odours they cause.

For those who can’t afford bespoke furnishings, try modifying existing furniture or consider some of the ingenious ideas available on Ikea Hackers website.

Indoors and Outdoors!

Doggy Doors - Pet-Friendly Additions for Any Home

Chances are you will be wanting your pet to have some access to the outdoors. This may mean modifying an existing door to accommodate a pet door. For smaller pets, there are now convenient flaps which can be incorporated into a pane of a french glass door or window. (Tramadol) Alternatively, flaps can be permanently or temporarily installed alongside sliding doors (as pictured above) to maintain security whilst providing pets with free access to the garden.

For those seeking a door which will allow entry to only their pet and not the neighbourhood wildlife, smart pet door are available using microchip technology or a ‘key’ on the collar to recognise your pet and allow them entry.

If purchasing these for a younger pet, allow for growth when selecting an appropriate size. These doors may require some patience as a pet may need to be trained to use them, but are well worth the investment of time and money.


According to recommendations by the RSPCA, pets, and dogs in particular, should not be left alone for long periods of time. However, even when we leaving home only for a few hours, it can be beneficial to still be able to monitor our pets to make sure they are safe and happy.

Pet monitors are now available which can connect with your Smartphone and some also offer the ability to interact with your pet by:

  • Tossing them treats
  • Shooting laser beams
  • Taking snapshots

A helping hand

Doggy Doors - Pet-Friendly Additions for Any Home


For older or disabled pets, movement between areas of the home can be difficult. Portable steps and ramps are now available to make theirs and your life easier. Collapsible ramps cans be stored in the boot of the car, enabling quick and easy access.

Pets are one of the great joys of life. As a member of the family, they deserve consideration as to their comfort and peace within the home. Above a just a few of the clever range of innovative products on the market to assist in making life easier for both you and your treasured furry friend.


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