How To Grow And Maintain A Corporate Beard

How To Grow And Maintain A Corporate Beard

If you aren’t already sporting a beard, you may have, at some point, wondered what you would look like if you just let your facial hair grow out. There comes a time in a man’s life when the urge to stop shaving and grow a beard (or maybe a moustache) inevitably strikes. Lucky for you, beards aren’t just for those who have embraced their inner masculine wild side. Nowadays, even the highest-paid celebrities and most well-respected businesspeople can get away with sporting some serious facial hair.

If you’re thinking of growing a beard but want to keep it neat and professional-looking, consider the “corporate beard.”

What’s a corporate beard?

Years ago, if you were a white-collar worker, you would have gotten in serious trouble if you walked into work with a full beard. Thankfully, times have changed and today, most companies no longer frown upon facial hair, as long as you keep it tidy.

The corporate beard is a fuller beard style that’s still office-appropriate. It’s a versatile and on-trend style that makes you look confident and mature with a hint of daring and mystery. There’s no room for unruly patches, scraggly bits, and stray hairs in the corporate beard. This style demands that you keep it well-maintained.

But while you need to keep things under control with this type of beard, you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to length. Unlike the “short boxed beard,” which has a similar full but well-groomed look, you don’t have to keep the corporate beard short.

Who wears corporate beards?

Because of its bold but boardroom-ready look, the corporate beard perfectly suits entrepreneurs, professionals, and Hollywood celebrities. If you’ve been curious about what a Beard growth guide and full beard style looks and feels like but want it to be workplace-appropriate, this is the style for you.

The corporate beard is perfect for men who want to give the impression that they’re adventurous but humble, with an entrepreneurial spirit and lots of fresh ideas. Younger guys are more likely to grow beards than older ones, so sporting a corporate beard will definitely help you seem more exciting and unorthodox.

A perfect example of the corporate beard is the one the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sports in the cover of his authorized self-titled biography written by Walter Isaacson. Google CEO Sergey Brin also has a corporate beard. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Internet entrepreneur Evan Williams have both worn this look, as have Avengers actors Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

A corporate beard looks best on men with triangular faces. It also helps take attention away from chubby cheeks and pointy chins. If you have prominent cheekbones, this beard style will help highlight them.

How to grow a corporate beard

To grow enough facial hair for a corporate beard, you should stop shaving for about a month. It will look a bit scraggly at first, so get your beard scissors ready for snipping away any errant strands. When the hair has reached your desired length, get your electric trimmer and clean up your neck and cheek areas.

For the cheeks, choose a line that isn’t so low that you’re in danger of getting a chinstrap. For the neck, go for a U-shaped line that’s about two fingers up from your Adam’s apple. Whatever you do, make sure the beard does not end at your chin.

How to maintain a corporate beard

With a corporate beard, it’s all about grooming and keeping things sleek and business-appropriate. You’re not going for Wolverine’s facial hair or a lumberjack look. Bust out the electric shaver or the manual razor, because you’ll need to do some pruning.

To keep a corporate beard from looking bushy, you’ll need to keep your neck and cheeks cleanly shaven and make sure there are no unsightly patches of hair. Go through your beard once or twice a week using beard scissors or an electric trimmer. In order to stop your beard from becoming curly and messy, it’s always a good idea to use a reliable beard straightener that will help you maintain a professional-looking beard.

Remember, this look may take some time and effort to maintain but it’ll definitely be worth it! And if you ever want to see if a different type of beard will better suit your face, your personality, or your work situation, check out this guide for the ultimate list of beard styles for 2019.


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