7 Beginners Tips for Scrabble Game

7 Beginners Tips for Scrabble Game

Scrabble, a simple yet unconventional game ever to be designed which is said to set apart the smart people from the nerds. This statement is true in many ways and rightly so since knowledge alone won’t help you to master the game. The game is designed your vocabulary prowess as well as how well are you able to quickly formulate and weave through the game through some few simple tricks.

Knowledge of vocabulary always goes a long way and you can achieve that by reading more books and playing games which improves this skill. We would be speaking about 7 important beginners’ tips for Scrabble which would help you achieve your goal into becoming a seasoned player from a novice.

  1. LEARNING THE OBVIOUS WORDS: By obvious words, we don’t mean preposterously obvious. Verbs, prepositions, adjectives which have a length of 2-3 letters at best should be at the tip of your tongue. Mastering the vocabulary is a simple yet complex process and you start by ticking off these simple words out of the equation. This helps as a stepping stone to master some of the most difficult words which would take time for you to grasp. You can learn and arm yourself with scrabble word cheat which helps you to discover high-scoring.
  2. CREATING TWO WORDS WITH AN ‘S’: Would you be able to guess the most obvious form of grammar which involves the letter ‘S’ in a form which is different yet similar than the original. The answer is simple, plurals. The form of word which doesn’t change the meaning of the original, it just pluralizes it. Adding the letter ‘S’ to an existing word can really take out a lot of possibilities if you are stuck somewhere. But hold your horses, this trick needs to be used at specific times only and they can give you 10 points. So, choose wisely.
  3. CREATE WORDS WITH COMMON ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS:  Another trick which you would be able to master on the go as you progress with vocabulary and Scrabble. Specific words that end with “-er”, “-ed”, “-ing” OR framing them appropriately to wither directions would help you figure out the possible word forms. You can add them to the words that are already placed on the board and rethink some new possibilities. You can use the Scramble Finder  to find more words.
  4. RHYMING WORDS: Looks, hooks; lush, blush, flush; rat, brat, frat, etc. etc. are some of the most common examples that you should be able to frame if you have a good command on the language. You would be able to transform your words into something that is a bit quirky and exciting. If you want to look out for examples, you can look out for simple poems and quotes that have the same rhymes, so on and so forth.
  5. HEAD IN FOR THE HOTSPOTS: Hotspots, as the name suggest are particular places on the Scrabble board that will definitely give you bonus points. These hotspots are made out in the form of bonus squares on the board that will give you a boost in the game. For that, practice is essential and you should strategize your game from the very beginning. Scrabble is not just about creating some funny words and scoring a home run. It’s about evaluating every possible situation and then making a move which will prove beneficial for you.
  6. SAVING YOUR COMBINATION: In every rack, you can put seven words in all. Therefore it is essential that you have a separate seven letter combination kept aside just in case if you are in a tight spot. A combination of letters and specially a set of seven will save you from the bluffs and secure your position. Again, you can try saving letters which are vowels to be exact or a consonant, since many of the words are derived from the both of them.
  7. LEARN ‘Q’ WITHOUT ‘U’ WORDS: In the game of scrabble, Q is the letter which helps players scores the maximum number of points. The word which most precedes Q is the letter U which is used many times. That means, you need to brush up on some words which work with Q apart from this combination.


Scrabble combines a lot of skills into one, apart from vocabulary and your strategic skills; it sharpens your memory to an extent which is beneficial for you. The tips mentioned would definitely help you to master this game to an extent that you will be surprised about it.


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