5 Ways To Help Your Bad Back

5 Ways To Help Your Bad Back

People of all ages can experience back problems. The unfortunate thing about this type of pain, is that it can’t always be healed or treated, just contained and subdued. However, there are many ways to lessen back pain that don’t require medical treatment. Everyone, doctors and friends alike, has a suggestion when it comes to reducing back pain but most of these theories are untested and may not work for everyone. In some cases, they can even do more harm than good. If you are experiencing severe back pain, you should only see a certified Orthopedist, who will check your spine and make recommendations based on your specific case. Exercises and sessions with a physiotherapist are usually the key to long term pain maintenance but in rare cases, surgery may be suggested. If you are experiencing mild pain, the following may help but we still recommend seeing a doctor:

     1) Orthopedic mattress: If you walk into your local mattress store, you will see all different kinds of mattresses. Some of them soft, some hard, others cheap and many expensive. However, what you need to look for is a mattress made specifically for people with bad backs. Many brands have specialized themselves in making a specific mattress for bad back problems and these are not generally inexpensive  but they can really be worth the money. You not only will get pain relief, you will also have a better night’s rest and that will help you to definitely feel better. Your orthopedist is a great person to turn to for mattress recommendations.

     2) Stretches: Another technique that an orthopedist may recommend is to do different kinds of stretches. This helps to free the tension in your back muscles, tendons and nerves, giving you a feeling of relief. However you should be careful and should check with a physiotherapist before starting just any routine. They will help you to find the right stretches for your problem and you might need to attend to a couple of sessions to learn how to do them properly. Improperly stretching can do more harm than good.

     3) Braces: Sometimes these devices are recommended by doctors to be worn daily for a certain amount of time or all the time if you have severe issues. There are different types, for lumbar, lower back, upper back, etc, so make sure to get the right one if your doctor tells you to use one of them. You should not make this purchase without the guidance of a medical professional.

     4) Massages: For less severe pain, a good massage can help to stop the soreness and can even solve your failed back surgery and problems if they are due to stress or improper posture. Remember, as with everything related with your back, do not go with just any therapist. See a professional that has knowledge about the anatomy of the body and is licensed, so they know which muscles to massage without pinching your nerves.

     5) Alternative methods: One of the most popular alternative methods is acupuncture. This technique touches specific spots and nerves with pins, that according to the ancients, accelerate and encourage the body to heal itself without medicine. There is no scientific proof that this really works but a lot of people try it when they are desperate to be healed and many report excellent outcomes.


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