10 Ways to Prevent Sickness During Your Busy Season

10 Ways to Prevent Sickness During Your Busy Season

It could be the holidays, the start of the school term, the end of tax season… whatever your busiest time may be, the one abiding fact is that you can’t afford to get sick.

Totally in keeping with the ironies of life, however, you’d, of course, be more prone to sickness during this time.

Prime Time to Fall Ill

Why is it so easy to get sick during the busiest time of the year? There are several possible reasons.

1.     Extra Mingling

When you’re busy, you usually have to encounter more people as you go about accomplishing numerous tasks. The more people you come across, the more germs you’re exposed to as well. Your odds of getting infected also increase accordingly.

2.     Too Busy to Be Particular

When you’re in too much of a rush, some of your self-care habits are sometimes sacrificed for the sake of saving time. This may include taking vitamins, washing hands, blow drying hair, etc. Forgoing some of these habits may make you more vulnerable to sickness.

3.     Running on Empty

When you’re stressed, not getting enough sleep and not eating properly to boot, you can expect your immunity to plummet. Pushing yourself to keep going with your immune system compromised is just a recipe for disaster; you can expect to get sick.

Precautions Against Getting Sick

Falling ill during your busy season is a double whammy. If you’re approaching such a time, make sure that you take steps to maintain your health to avoid getting sick. Here are some tips:

1.     Be conscientious about washing your hands.

Do it before eating, after using the bathroom, after handling money or touching common surfaces, etc. Don’t rush the washing either. Use soap and lather for at least 20 seconds.

2.     Always have hand sanitizers handy.

This is for when there’s no sink at which to do your handwashing. Keep in mind that this doesn’t replace proper washing. Wash up when you can.

3.     Get enough sleep.

Let your body restore itself after tiring itself out during its waking hours. This plays a huge role in keeping you healthy during a busy time. Prioritize it.

4.     Eat well.

This means feeding yourself a proper diet and not overeating to compensate for your exhaustion. Don’t skip meals either. Hunger on top of stress will make your stomach acids go berserk. That’s a good way to get an ulcer.

5.     Take supplements.

Cover all your nutritional needs by taking multivitamins. Now is not the time to be nutrient deficient.

6.      Dress appropriately.

 If it’s cold out, bundle up to ward off the cold. If it’s wet, cover up with waterproof garments and boots. If it’s hot, dress lightly to avoid getting overheated. Duly prepare for the temperatures you’ll be in.

7.     Manage stress.

Regularly take breaks to breathe and relax. Meditate to calm yourself and settle down those harmful stress hormones. You might want to engage in yoga or tai chi to hit two birds with one stone: mindfulness and exercise.

8.     Avoid cigarette smoke.

Don’t smoke and don’t breathe in other people’s smoke. There are thousands of toxins involved, so exposing yourself is pretty much just asking to get sick.

9.     Don’t push it.

If you do get sick, especially if you start with a mild case, stay at home, rest, and nurse whatever it is until it goes away.

10.  Have the usual meds handy.

If it also happens to be cold or flu season, it’s good to have the right meds around. This way, you can start getting rid of a chesty cough or a cold while it’s still a little throat tickle or a mild sniffle instead of a full range of raging chesty cough symptoms.

Surviving the Season

These busy times inevitably come around. The trick is to condition yourself to keep up with them instead of getting swept up in the toxicity of it all. You can outlast the season without falling sick. Just consciously keep yourself healthy.


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