Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have

Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have

It is always a pleasure to have a decent collection of kurtis so that you have the ability to look at your best as the occasion demands. Whether you need to go to the office, attend a party, wedding or simply hang out with friends on a Friday evening, knowing what kind of kurti to go for will always save you time and guarantee you great elegance during the occasion. Embroidered kurtis are always in trend year in, year out, and here is a look at some of the types you should always have in your closet to ensure that you are well covered in case any event shows up-:

Tail cut embroidered kurtis

Tail cut embroidered kurtis are some of the best you can ever have for parties. The cut can be either in the front, back or on the sides. They are simply elegant, and irrespective of the position of the cut, you are sure that they will always bring out the best in you during parties or other social events. They are, however, not ideal for formal occasions such as going to work or attending interviews. You can check out the collection at Stylecaret for amazing designs of tail cut kurtis.

A-Line Embroidered Kurtis

                        Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have   

A-line kurtis seems to be the most favored by teenagers and young girls in college. They are designed to look like the letter A, which implies that they are narrow at the top and then flares at the knees or the ankles, depending on their length. They are also ideal for older women with small frames, and they can be used for both formal and casual dressing needs.

Trail Cut Embroidered Kurtis

These are highly fashionable kurtis and they are characterized by C cuts on both sides of the tunic. They can be found in a variety of fabrics, including chiffon, cotton, silk, and velvet amongst others. This implies that you have a wide range of options to choose from if this particular excites you, which it should because they are very gorgeous and if you have them on the right body shape, you might as well turn into the most beautiful woman in India, Anarkalis. 

Embroidered Kurtis

Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have                                               

Anarkali kurtis are versatile and can be subjected to a variety of dressing needs, making them one of the must-have embroidered kurtis in your closet. They are most suited for a party and casual wears and since they are available in a variety of styles and shapes, you will always have limitless opportunities in deciding on the specific looks you desire to have for those events.

Angrakha Embroidered kurti 

This is a stylish design worth having in every lady’s closet, and with it on, it will give the impression of a royal court musician. It is designed with flaps and traps on either side and it is one of those designs where you will not necessarily need to pair it with a bottom. If you are tired of wearing leggings or jeggings with your kurtis, then you can have this one and you won’t have to worry about wearing it with any bottom.

Dhoti Style Embroidered Kurtis

This is an awesome variation of kurtis, and definitely worth having for more kurtis choices in your closet. It is shaped like a dhoti, and just like angrakha kurti, you can pair it with bottoms or just leave it without pairing. If you choose the right color and the right fit, you can be sure that heads will be turning in the rooms you will be entering while wearing it.

Flared Embroidered Kurtis

                   Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have                   

If you love the flair of flared attires such as dresses and skirts, then you have every reason to include this kurtis in your closet. They are ideal for fair skinned beauties and since they are strapless, they create the impression of a narrow upper body with a flared lower body. Whether you need them for party, casual or office wear, they will always bring out the magic in you.

Indo-western embroidered kurtis

Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have                      

Just as the name suggests, indo-western kurtis are beautiful kurti variations featuring influences from both India and the West. They are available in a variety of length and colors and they can be worn with or without leggings. Due to their design, they will not disappoint for casual and formal wears.

Gown Style Embroidered kurtis

If you are thinking of the perfect kurtis design for weddings, then the gown style designs would be the most appropriate choices. They are designed to reach up to the floor, though it is also common to find some reach the ankle and some being knee-long. Most of them feature very dark colors with very bright embroidery, thus making them easily visible, hence, they are easy to make you stand out from the crowd. With this kurti, you have the convenience to either go with the ones with sleeves or just opt for the sleeveless ones. In the same manner, you can wear them with a legging or simply don’t bother with the leggings. The fact is that the elegance will remain.

Long straight embroidered kurtis

Types of Embroidered Kurtis Every Woman Should Have                                           

These kurtis feature a long hemline and they are straightforward just as the name suggests. They are the idea for vertically challenged ladies hoping to create some illusion of height, especially when they are paired with knee-length tights and a matching pair of pumps. With this design, however, having a legging or another type of legging is simply a must.

Pakistani Embroidered Kurtis

For diversity and a difference in style, you should also have a few pieces of the Pakistani kurtis in your closet. These kurtis are long, very straight and may sometimes be baggy. They are ideal for casual or party wear, but due to their flare, they may disappoint when you are looking for kurtis for office wear.

Color-block embroidered kurtis

If you love colors and you are not afraid to test out different combinations, then you will find the color-block kurtis very interesting. These may be the normal kurtis, but they are designed in different bold colors segmented into various blocks within the fabric. With then, you always have the versatility to use whatever color combination you may be interested in.


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