When to travel and how to get around Gran Canaria?

When to travel and how to get around Gran Canaria?

What’s the best time to visit Gran Canaria?

When it comes to Gran Canaria, there is no season about which to say you can’t go there.

Exactly like Tenerife (they share similar geographical coordinates), Gran Canaria is called the ‘island of eternal spring’. This name is given by the fact that the temperature on the island fluctuates between 17,18 degrees (in January) and 28, 29 degrees (in August).

As you can see, there are no dramatic values. You never risk freezing, as you never risk to feel your skin melting because of the heat. This is the reason which hides behind the great number of tourists who are visiting the island even during the winter.

Moving further from the weather to the price of the plane tickets, airfares are most tempting between November and the middle of December (right before Christmas) and also between March and May (excepting the Easter, when Gran Canaria becomes really crowded).

Now, some words about getting around Gran Canaria.

After the plane lands, the next move is to find something to bring you to your hotel.

You can choose between taking the bus or a taxi.

The first option is not recommended for this route, as usually the bus is crowded and there is the will not have enough space for your luggage (especially if you are a woman or you are traveling with a woman).

Anyway, excepting this route, it’s ok to take the bust if you one to travel from one point to another of the island. The local bus tickets are relatively cheap. Plus, usually buses run on time and you don’t have to wait too much in the station for a bus.

The second option you can pick for traveling from the airport to the hotel is to take a taxi. Gran Canaria airport taxi station is full of taxi drivers that want to fool the tourists, thus I suggest you should take a private taxi having a fixed priced per kilometer.

If you want to get rid of the worry of finding a safe mean of transport that will take you from/ back to the airport, enter on CityAirportTaxi.com and there you’ll find the solution to your problem.

After you got to the hotel room and you are relieved by the weight of your luggage, it’s time to explore the island.

As I have already mentioned, in order to discover in all its splendor, you can take the bus.

If you want to travel long distances and you have a driver’s license, renting a car is also a good choice.

In Gran Canaria cars can be rented from a lot of different locations including the airport, some hotels and also from rent-a-car offices. The money you will have to pay depends on the quality of the car and insurance taxes.

On the other side, if you don’t plan to visit some areas far from your hotel, you would better simply walk. This way you can feel the pulse of the place on your skin and you have the chance to discover special, secret corners of the island.


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