Are Dental Implants For Everyone?

Are Dental Implants For Everyone?

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The Dental Implant

A dental implant is about as close to having a natural tooth as it is possible to get because it is a permanent fixture that looks and feels exactly the same as the real thing. It works by inserting a titanium post directly into the jaw bone, upon which a crown is placed, providing a completely natural looking tooth. Titanium is used for its unique properties which allow the metal to actually fuse with the bone, making it completely stable and permanent. The procedure is relatively painless and the overwhelming majority of people with an implant report back that it is as good, if not better than the real thing dental implants average cost.

Filling the Gap

When you lose a tooth, it is important to do something about it, not just because of the effect it has on your smile, but also because of the physical impact it has on the jaw and mouth. Other teeth will start to move position slightly to fill the gap the missing tooth has created, and you may find that your cheeks start to sink into the gap as well, making you look a lot older than you actually are. Dental implants are by far the best course of action to rectify this problem.

Other Options

Prior to the arrival of the implant, the two traditional ways of giving us something to chew with are bridges and dentures, neither of which are ideal. Dentures need to fit perfectly, or there is the danger that they can move slightly when you speak, making your words sound slurred, or during chewing, which can be very awkward. They are also not suitable for everybody as some people have ridges in the mouth, sore spots and have problems with gagging. The bridge offers a replacement to fill that gap, but requires filing down two perfectly good teeth, either side of the gap, upon which the bridge will be attached, with the space behind the “new” tooth a perfect spot for food and bacteria to build up. Finding a dentist in Los Gatos is the first step to maintaining optimal oral health and hygiene.

Patient Suitability

According to dentists offering Chatswood dental implants service, suitability is a matter for your dentist to ascertain, based upon an evaluation of your medical and dental history. Some people do not have sufficient bone in the upper jaw, which would require a bone graft to provide the right level of support for the implant, while others have their sinuses too close to the jaw, which will require sinus lift surgery. Aside from these two potential issues, and assuming your gums are in good condition, implants are suitable for people of all ages.

Dental implants are nothing new, having been around now for more than 50 years, and your local dentist will be able to answer all of your questions regarding them, as well as assessing your suitability.


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