8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home

In a discussion concerning the workplace of the future, Global Wellness Institute (GWI) concluded that the number of people who work remotely will skyrocket in the years to come. This is important because it means that people need to understand how it will affect them; if they don’t visit the office regularly, how will they organize themselves? Will they work multiple jobs? How can they make sure that they stay healthy? This last statement is a topic of concern for this article, as it should be for you, because there are several reports that show how, if you aren’t careful, working from home can lead to several health issues; including an increase in depression, apathy, and stress.

To limit the health problems that you experience, keep reading for a list of tips that can help you stay healthy when working from home.

Keep it moving

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home walking shoes According to the US Centers for disease Control and Prevention, 80% of American adults do not achieve the recommended amount of exercise in a day. It is important that you aren’t one of these people, as exercise is closely linked to your health.

Remember when it comes to exercise, persistence is key. You need to stretch those muscles and get your heart racing now and again. Sitting around at home is tempting but it isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t push yourself to do anything dramatic, start with a few yoga moves every morning and build your way up. You need to be realistic, don’t give yourself exercise goals that you won’t be able to complete.

Focus on Ergonomics

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home computer

It’s tempting to just work out of your bed or on the coach when you work at home, which leads to all sorts of health issues over time, from back pain, poor posture, to muscle atrophy.

According to the US Government, focusing on ergonomics at work leads to reduced injuries, higher productivity, and higher morale. Apply these principles at home whenever possible, Ditch your stool and buy an good ergonomic chair (some even cost less than $100), Use a mouse and keyboard that feels comfortable even after hours of working away. If you use a laptop, get a stand that can prop up and angle the screen and keyboard to the optimum position. All these small investments can really make a huge difference in your health when working from home.

Keep on top of those doctor visits

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home doctor

According to the CDC, regular checkups are crucial, as they reduce the number of health complaints you experience, by stopping them before they happen. So, don’t skip a visit to your GP just because when you are working from home.

Watch those snacks

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home food treats

Believe it or not a healthy diet doesn’t just help your physical health, it has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing too. A study available on the US National Library of Medicine showed that eating fruit instead of a chocolate chip cookie can help to reduce your anxiety and counter depression.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t touch all those glorious, gooey snacks. But you do need to keep an eye on them. Instead of snacking all the time, try having a nutritious, filling breakfast instead. My daily routine consists of fruits and a big bowl of hot oatmeal.  It provides me with enough energy to get through the first half of the day without feeling hungry at all.

Drink plenty of water

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home bottled water

Water is crucial to your health. Skipping a glass of water will mean that you aren’t meeting your daily water intake requirements, and this can lead to dehydration, fatigue, headaches and constipation.

To make sure that you drink enough water, set a schedule and have a glass of water every hour. If it’s hard for you to keep track of your water intake, consider downloading an app which will alert you whenever it’s time to have a glass of nice, cold water.

Stay happy

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home happy woman

The link between happiness and health is not a myth. A positive outlook on life can help to boost your immune system and combat stress. It also makes you want to do things that aid your health, like eating healthy foods and being more physically active

It can be easier said than done but you need to find ways to keep yourself out of that deep, dark depressive hole. Get away from your desk for a scheduled work break, go out and get some fresh air, watch a comedy; whatever it takes to keep your mood up!

Watch that lighting

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home woman on phone

Studies have shown that the type of lighting that you use can really affect your eye health. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen.

So you need to;

  • Try and position your work space in a way that you most the most of the sunlight.
  • Make sure that your computer screen doesn’t have a ‘glare’ as it will increase your eyestrain.
  • Try to use incandescent bulbs as they are easier on the eyes.

You should also take regular breaks, moving away from the computer screen and allowing your eyes to refocus.

Don’t become a hermit!

8 Tips for Staying Healthy when Working from Home friends gathering

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to put off a lunch with friends because you need to fill in paperwork. After all, you’re in the comfort of your own home, why leave? The problem is that socializing is an important part of staying healthy. It’ll keep your spirits up!

Staying Healthy at Home

In the end, staying healthy working from home isn’t that hard. You just need to start treating it as a home office where the regular protocols and health tips that people adopt when working in an actual office apply just the same.


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