The Ultimate Stag Party For Millennials Who Love To Travel

The Ultimate Stag Party For Millennials Who Love To Travel

Do Something Memorable!

The world today is more accessible than in recent memory. You can circumnavigate the globe in a week just by booking the right flights. The entire world is your oyster, and the costs to crack it open aren’t so steep as they used to be. Additionally, there are quite a few different travel packages and solutions to explore.

You don’t have to stick to the limitations of a DD. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to those destinations that may have become over-ripe. Stag parties for generations have made Vegas their Mecca; but have you been to Vegas recently?

Look, a Stag Do is meant for one night; so hitting casinos, chasing call-girls, and drinking abstruse quantities of booze can be somewhat satiating; but in Vegas these days, you’re just not going to get that catharsis sung of in the movies.

It’s almost like you watch these things, and they steal your thunder—there’s no way your bachelor party is going to end up with the groom kidnapped and Ken Jeong in the trunk (like in The Hangover). But if you travel beyond this idea, you can have the kind of adventures you’ve imagined with your boys, and do something whose originality itself may end up being a highpoint in your lives.

Get Out Of Your Hometown!

You don’t have to tread water in the US; get a group-rate through an agency catering to Stag Do’s on the hunt. You can get more outrageous, have more fun, do more things, and get more wild for less. Sure, you don’t want the groom to end up abstracted from the equation as the next day’s hangover sets in, but you can certainly celebrate the occasion in style abroad; and in a way that will net you some truly unique experiences.

New Zealand has recently developed a reputation as a go-to Stag spot, owing to a festive culture replete with a plethora of unique bars, and tropical climes mixed with crazy mountains in the background.

Go-karts, escape rooms, pristine beaches, fine dining, top-tier hotels—you name it, you can find it; and in a foreign locale where everybody yet speaks the same language. Coming from another country also increases your likelihood to naturally attract local ladies—they’re often interested in something from without their local trappings.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and has become well-known for its legendary Stag parties. As yet, it’s not held to the same standard as Vegas; but then again Vegas is getting too ripe to deliver as it used to. It’s turned into a Disneyland knock-off rife with tourists in the midst of a bucolic spread that’s basically a too-hot Midwest vibe with some speed freaks in the north. You’ve seen one casino, you’ve seen ‘em all! But when’s the last time you went to New Zealand? You can check out this article on a Wellington Stag Do if you’d like to read more.

The Ultimate Stag Party For Millennials Who Love To Travel water bay

See The World!

Beyond the land of kiwi and intrigue, you can find all manner of adventure in the world today at relatively affordable rates. Here’s the thing: make a week of it; a prime little vacation. Pool your resources, and have a real adventure. There’s no reason a bachelor party has to be right before the wedding; plan it a month out, and do something to really commemorate the occasion.

Marriage is important, you need every advantage; there will be ups and downs. A solid stag party can actually be strategic here. Consider this: you want to have the future groom come away with two things: one, that he’ll miss you guys, that he’s glad to have been part of your crew, that he looks forward to what future can be had in the new swing of things. Two: he’s darn glad he’s no longer a bachelor. The best way to do that? Have a legendary stag party.


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