6 Steps To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady Love

6 Steps To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady Love

Only a woman can understand what another woman wants; that’s not true! Yes, women understand other women better, but who says that men cannot be guided by one to lure the other?

Gifting lingerie to your lady love will not only increase the naughtiness in your love life but will also let her know that you know her inside out. You need to make her feel special with every gift that you offer, especially lingerie because that not a typical gift that she would expect. You don’t always need an occasion to make her feel loved; every day is a beautiful day, and she should feel loved every minute of every day.

Blossom Lingerie experts have identified the right way of ensuring happiness after you present her with the gift, so read on to get hands-on knowledge on how to choose the correct lingerie for your gal:

  1. Know her size

The most embarrassing part of buying lingerie is when you don’t know your partner’s size, and you just wander around the store looking for help. You cannot ask anyone for direct help, so it is advisable to do a little research before stepping into the shop. If you want to surprise her with a gift then there are two simple methods of identifying her size, i.e. firstly, look through her collection in her absence, just don’t come out as a pervert *wink* *wink*, and secondly, bring it up in an indirect conversation and manipulate her to share her size without suspicion. Once, you know her size, you are good to enter the store of your desire.

  1. Vibes matter a lot

It is not just about buying the right lingerie, but presenting it in a manner that she feels like a gift of love and not a gift of lust. It’s all about the vibes, you know? So, make sure you create a lovely atmosphere and present it in a way that sweeps her off her feet.

  1. Bralettes or bodysuits

What is she into: bralettes or bodysuits? Don’t wander off and buy anything that pleases your eyes because it should be something that she feels comfortable wearing. In the end, it is a gift for her and not for your eyes. So, the two primary difference in lingerie is bralettes and bodysuits, and not every woman prefers both. So, know your lady; know her collection before you spend a dime on buying her lingerie.

6 Steps To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady Love in bed

  1. Colour is the king

Colour is the second most significant part of buying lingerie, after the type of lingerie, because it not only has to suit the design of the yandy plus size lingerie but also amplify the beauty notably. You want her to look appealing and sexy, right? So, gift her a colour that suits her body type and personality; red and black are not always the right answer.

  1. Prefer quality to price

Quality of fabric always triumphs the price because it needs to be comfortable and durable first, and the money comes in afterwards. You wouldn’t want to pay a significant part of your hard-earned money on lingerie that lasts a weekend; appearance matters the most. It should look high-quality, feel soft & comfortable and be fashionable, and if these three parameters are checked off, then ask for the price. Naturally, you have a fixed budget for the gift, so ask for assistance as soon as you enter a store and look at the section that meets your budget boundaries because it is disappointing to choose beautiful lingerie and then reject it because of the high price point. You would be amazed to see how expensive lingerie can get!

  1. Compliment her when she tries ‘em

As already mentioned above, you need to present your gift elegantly. The other aspect of this is to compliment her when she tries them on. Being speechless is also a compliment, but don’t use the wrong words that may make her feel insulted or uncomfortable. Demeaning someone you love is never good. Period! The perfect gift is not a diamond ring or a piece of fabric, but a heartfelt compliment!

6 Steps To Buy Lingerie For Your Lady Love blue bra

It’s Lingerie; it has to be sexy and hot! So, make sure you gift her something like that!


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