Safe and Secure – 5 Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Safe and Secure - 5 Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

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With crime on the rise, it’s crucial not to leave your family’s safety to chance. After all, one lapse in judgment can be all it takes to see your electronics stolen and your loved ones at risk. Take note of these tips to keep your most treasured possessions safe and secure:

Get Smart

When it comes to your locks and security systems, traditional approaches might not cut it any more. Fortunately, advances in technology have produced amazing smart door lock and camera technology that tip the balance away from the bad guys and back in your favor. Even if you’re away on vacation, these technologies allow you to see and hear what’s going on in every corner of your home. You can receive alerts any time someone is detected on your property and even speak to them through communications built into cameras, alarms and doorbells. Locks can be programmed to give only certain people access at certain times and alert authorities if tampered with. All of this can be done through your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Invest in Lighting

Many things deter burglars from considering your home as their next hit, but a significant one is lighting. Street lighting, motion-activated security lights, and even garden lighting all make your property unattractive to opportunists. After all, they have fewer places to hide!

In addition to positioning solar lights in the dark corners of your property, attach security lights near garages and entrances to your home. Before a thief gets a chance to head for your windows and doors, your property will light up like a Christmas tree.

Get a Dog

If you’ve wanted a dog for some time, but your significant other isn’t so keen on the idea, they might be easier to convince when you bring up getting a pooch for security purposes. A dog is an excellent way of keeping your family safe and secure. As soon as a potential thief hears the deep guttural growl of your furry friend, they’re bound to stop in their tracks.

Even the high-pitched yap of a small dog can be enough to deter burglars from looking your way.

Fencing and Gates

In 2016, there were over 7.9 million property thefts in the United States, ranging from kids’ bikes left outside through to full electronic clean-outs. While the risk of theft is high, you can reduce it by installing fencing and gates. Thieves who have to contend with gate locks and latches they’re unfamiliar with are less likely to consider your property an easy target.

Additionally, don’t fix that squeak on your current gate. If the gate makes a noise when a would-be burglar so much as touches it, they may think it’s too risky to go through with the robbery.

Be Smart with Hiding Places

You may think you’re smart when you hide your key under a fake rock, but burglars know all the tricks in the book. They also know about the pot plant, the hanging planter, and the doormat. When it comes to hiding a spare key on your property, it’s best not to do it at all.

If you’re going away and have friends and family feeding the cat or watering the plants, give them the key in person and collect it from them when you return. If a thief happens to stumble across your spare key and rob your house, your insurance may not cover you due to a lack of forced entry.

Everyone wants their family to be safe and secure, but many people don’t put steps in place to ensure they are. By trying out any of the tips above, you’re reducing your risk of becoming a victim of theft.


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